Social Networking and Your Self Storage Facility

Social Networking and Your Self Storage Facility

Social networking can be a powerful tool for any business. The key to successfully marketing your self storage business via social networks is to know which one to use and how to use it. There are many pitfalls that need to be avoided when trying to employ social networking techniques for your self storage business. The self storage business can be particularly challenging to market in this fashion since but you can start off by following these guidelines:

  • Create a dialogue – Remember that social networking is all about interaction. Static profiles on Twitter or Facebook do not get the best response. You should try to use your social network profile to interact positively with your potential customers, answer queries and, make note of things that you can do to improve. Persons are often very candid when using social networks and you can almost count on very honest opinions about how persons view your business.

  • Don’t oversell – Though the main purpose is to garner new customers and to promote your business, you do no want to drive people away by selling your business too much. Avoid the use of ‘spammy’ language and do not force your business on users. Instead, provide relevant information so that interested persons can use it to make informed decisions.

  • Know your demographic – It is always best to define your audience before you use any form of social networking tool. For example, if you have a special on storage for college students in a particular area, you can use the Facebook search feature to find students that fit your target and connect with them.

  • Keep it professional – The informal nature of social networks tempts all of us to be more relaxed. However, you should keep in mind that you are still promoting a business and while it is important to connect with people by sounding like a real human being and not just a spam bot, ensure that you are also coming across in a professional manner.

Following these guidelines should get you on your way to successfully promoting your self storage business on social networking sites. Remember that it is easy and in most cases free to create profiles on many of these sites so go ahead and give it a try!