Self Storage + Vegas = FUN

Self Storage + Vegas=FUN

We’re finally back from Vegas after a whirlwind of events at the Inside Self Storage 2011 World Expo. Luckily for you, we didn’t follow the ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas rule’ and we’re ready to dish about all the exciting moments that took place. Our team was working hard. It wasn’t all just business however; we managed to sneak in a few fun moments but we’ll leave that for another blog.

We spent a couple of hours setting up our booth. Then, it was straight to work. We activated hundreds of new customer accounts and had an overwhelming amount of new signups. The customer response overall was absolutely amazing. It certainly kept our team busy for the duration of the Expo. We also sponsored the return flight check-in which helped everyone conveniently get tickets and print their boarding passes. Hope everyone made it home safely!

If anyone somehow managed to miss our magnificent booth, they undoubtedly saw one of our gorgeous Vegas showgirls on the show floor. Dressed in our company colors, they added a bit of flair and fun to our booth.

We wrapped up everything by awarding a brand new iPad to one of our loyal customers, Jacqueline Smith from Guardian Self Storage in Beaumont, CA. Enjoy the new iPad Jacqueline, you deserve it!

Now that we’re back in the office, we’re adjusting to life outside of Vegas but we’re looking forward to going back next year. We’ll be sharing the tons of pictures we took on Facebook (and burying some away) so look out for them!