Warm and Cosy Interior Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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Warm and Cosy Interior Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Winter

For some, the winter period is the worst time of the year, while others (like me) can’t wait for the first snow and gorgeous winter evenings. However, one is true: winter is cold and it will make you feel chilly even in your heated home. So, in order to prevent winter chills, here’s how to warm and cozy up your interior this fall in order to put a stop to winter gloom and enjoy only the good sides of this merry season.

Start with decluttering your home

First things first, you must rid your home of all summer things like beachy décor, light clothing, and swimming gear and make space for winter decoration. If you don’t purge your space, you will not only end up with a horrible mix of clashing decoration but also just live in a space overflowing with stuff which is never relaxing. So, grab a few boxes, clear out your space and rent a safe self-storage for all your possessions.

Add a few splashes of color

Gray winter days will make even the most beautiful minimalist homes look sterile and drab. So, make sure to add a few splashes of color if you have a neutral color scheme. Think a fresh bouquet for your mantle and some red-and-green holiday décor—that will brighten up your space even if there’s literally 15 minutes of sunshine every day.

Cozy up on your sofa

Let’s face it, you will spend most of your winter days curled up on your sofa with your partner and watch Netflix. So, it’s very important to stay warm and cozy. The best way to achieve warmth in your space is to add a few throw pillows and blankets to your sofa in a very wintery design like tartan or plaid (in red, green and blue) or throw on some faux fur. These will come in handy while catching up with your fave TV show and cuddling with your SO.

Add even more softness with area rugs

Honestly, is there anything worse than stepping on a cold hardwood floor in the winter? Well, forget about those stressful steps by providing your home with a gorgeous rug that will not only boost softness and warmth but also improve the look for your space. On the other hand, if you’re completely focused on durability and eco-friendliness, look into hand-braided round rugs made of jute or gorgeous round wool rugs. These are perfect for all rooms in your home from living rooms to foyers and dining rooms. Just choose your design and forget all about traumatizing cold floors!

Invest in quality bedding to help you rest

It’s time to say goodbye to cotton sheets until spring. Heavier textiles like flannel, velvet flannel or heavy Egyptian cotton will be a great replacement for your regular thin bedding and fill your nights with all the warmth that you need.

Update your curtains

You want to flood your home with sunshine in the summer, so it’s natural to use light, airy and flowing panels for your windows. However, when winter comes, these won’t cut it—you need something heavier. Thick, lined drapes in deep tones will instantly warm up your home, psychologically and physically.

Boost lighting to brighten up your home

Sure, it might be dark outside at 5 pm, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in an equally gloomy home. Add an extra lamp to your space and flood any room with warm and homey light. Table or floor lamps placed near your sofa and tall buffet lamps on your sideboard are practical and timelessly elegant.

Green it up with low maintenance indoor plants

One of the main cons of winter is the lack of greenery—everything seems to be brown or covered in snow. However, you can still enjoy the greenery, it will just be inside instead of outside of your home! Invest in a few low-maintenance plants like succulents, spider plants, snake plants or peace lilies and add instant vibrancy and freshness to your space. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can wrap garlands around your chandeliers, banisters and fireplace mantle for that festive feel and a light touch of green.

And finally, light a fire

Once everything is ready for winter, it’s time to put a cherry on top of your cake—light a fire in your fireplace. Don’t have one? You can easily add a gas fireplace or even a portable electric model. Both of these will shower your home in warmth, coziness and provide you with that relaxing and satisfying feel of a crackling fire.

With these aforementioned home improvements, you will forget all about summer and embrace the upcoming season. And who knows, maybe all the warmth and coziness can turn you into a huge fan of winter after all!

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