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10 Reasons People Choose New York as a Vacation Destination

10 Reasons People Choose New York as a Vacation Destination

As a premier global city, New York draws millions of tourists from around the globe each year. These top 10 reasons account for why travelers consistently choose the Big Apple as a favorite vacation destination.

1. Museums: New York is home to dozens of different museums. For example, the American Museum of Natural History displays dinosaur skeletons and prehistoric relics, offers a space exploration exhibit, and has a butterfly conservatory for tourists to enjoy.

2. World-Famous Art: You will find art displays at places like the Museum of Modern Art, which houses important artwork like Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans.

3. Central Park: Located in Manhattan, Central Park offers everything from hiking trails, playgrounds, the famed Belvedere Castle, festivals, and more. It is a picturesque, forested haven away from the hectic pace and noise of the city.

4. Ethnic cuisine and restaurants: Ethnic food and drinks can be found in places like NYC's Little Italy where you will find restaurants like Da Nico and Pelligrino's.

5. Architecture: Some of the world's finest architecture is found in New York City. Sites like St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue draw architectural fans from all over the world.

6. The Empire State Building: Made famous in the movie King Kong, the Empire State Building is 1250 feet tall and another architectural masterpiece that is popular with tourists to NYC.

7. Times Square: The site of the world's biggest New Year's Eve Party, Times Square is a hallmark destination. It has everything from cafes and eateries to theaters and shops. Many people consider Times Square to be must on their Big Apple vacation to-do list.

8. The Bronx Zoo: You'd be surprised to find the variety of animals at the Bronx Zoo. This destination has over 800 animals on display, everything from baboons and giraffes to sheep and cows. It also offers children's activities for the youngest of visitors and also has exotic plants and flowers on display.

9. The Statue of Liberty: The iconic Statue of Liberty draws millions of visitors to Liberty Island each year. You can get to this destination easily by ferry. The statue was recently renovated so that tourists can climb to its top and look out over the harbor.

10. The 9/11 Memorial: A place of somber reflection and prayer, the 9/11 Memorial brings people from all over the world who want to pay their respects to the tragedy's victims. Engraved markers and a reflection pool are part of this memorial.

Making Your Home in the Big Apple

For all of the hustle and bustle found within the tourist areas, other areas of New York City prove to be ideal for people more interested in peaceful, family living. During your vacation, you may venture into Brooklyn and other boroughs to discover neighborhoods that are friendly, close-knit, and filled with scenic parks and homes that contrast the busyness of Fifth Avenue and downtown Manhattan.

Moreover, the time that you spend as a tourist in NYC could be the perfect opportunity to check out New York's boroughs known to have affordable housing and cheap self-storage, particularly if you are interested in relocating. Ridgewood in Queens, for example, is popular with people who want to enjoy affordable living without the high rents found in other parts of the city. Ridgewood also is well-known for its locally owned cafes and quiet neighborhoods. Friendly communities and affordable New York storage units will help with the transition into your new home in New York City.

New York City continues to be a popular global tourist destination. These top 10 reasons explain why millions of people visit the Big Apple and its many attractions each year.