Texas Sports Rivalries: Where do the Spurs fit in?

Texas Sports Rivalries: Where do the Spurs fit in?

The old saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas, and nowhere is this saying more true than when it is applied to the state's athletic rivalries. Intense rivalries exist among Texas teams in all sports. When foes square off on the field or on the court, their intense and deep-seated need to conquer each other comes alive. These in-state rivalries exemplify why Texas athletics stands out as some of the most intense and exciting in the country.

Texas University Versus Texas A&M

Austin-based Texas University and Texas A&M in College Station spent almost a century as bitter football rivals. The rivalry began in 1915 and ended in 2011. Texas triumphed over A&M during most of that time period with 76 wins, 37 losses, and five draws. The rivalry was so intense that both universities penned school songs taunting each other. A&M left the Big 12 in 2011; the schools now only meet up occasionally during post-season play.

Astros Versus Rangers

The cities of Houston and Dallas have long considered themselves to be friendly, if not passionate rivals against each other. This intense relationship has carried over to the baseball diamond when the Astros and Rangers face off. When the Astros came to the American League West in 2013, the two teams had the opportunity to engage in earnest against each other. Each spring ushers in a season of these two Texas MLB powerhouses doing battle to prove who is the outright champion of the professional Texas baseball season.

Spurs Versus Rockets and Mavericks

The San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets have been in-state rivals since 1976. Nicknamed the I-10 Rivalry because of both cities being located on Interstate 10, these two NBA greats go back and forth winning and losing against each other on the court.

Another noted rival of the Spurs, the Dallas Mavericks, likewise provide the San Antonio team with fast-paced and intense competition each season. These two teams' rivalries began in 1980 when the Mavericks joined as an expansion team. The most heated battle between these two teams took place in 2001 when they faced off in the playoffs.

Out of the three in-state rivals, however, the Spurs have proven to be the most impressive as of late. The Spurs have won five NBA titles, most recently in 2014, and are creating buzz among fans and pro basketball pundits alike that they may win another title next year.

Why Take Note of Texas Sports Rivalries?

Even if you are the most devoted of sports fans, you may wonder why you should care about rivalries like those that exist between the Spurs and Dallas or Houston. The rivalries can pay off big if you are looking to visit or move to a place like San Antonio.

A team like the Spurs can generate as much as $95 million in revenue for San Antonio, money that can trickle down to extended visitors and residents alike. The money boost the economy, improves the way of life in the city, and invigorates the area by fostering team loyalty and excitement among people living in or visiting San Antonio.

Professional teams like the Spurs also attract businesses to the city, meaning that there are always ample employment opportunities for newcomers and established residents alike. If you are looking for a place to live that has an exciting atmosphere, a healthy economy, and a thriving job market, you may find San Antonio to be well-suited for your current and future lifestyle needs. The affordable housing market, friendly neighborhoods, and San Antonio self-storage will assist in making a move to San Antonio as smooth as possible.

Texas has some of the most exciting in-state athletic rivals of anywhere in the country. You can enjoy this competitive spirit by watching these teams in action.