Drive Business Online With a Self Storage Video Game

Drive Business Online With a Self Storage Video Game

A mobile self-storage company called Taxibox, based in Australia, has recently had a very unique idea about how to get customers into their store and how to help those customers save money. They are using a video game. The game is very similar to Tetris in its basic design, but instead of moving blocks around the customers are moving furniture and other types of household items. Everything that would normally and commonly be seen in a storage unit is seen in the game, and players who maximize the space in the storage unit can win the game and earn themselves discounts for their own storage needs.

With enough points, it's possible to earn up to $50 off of a storage unit, which can be significant for someone who is trying to save money. It requires 30,000 points in the game to get to that level of savings, but smaller discounts are available at 5,000 and 15,000 point levels, too. The idea of the game - and how much success the company is having with it - is a good indication that there are many different ways to advertise and be successful at it in the digital age.

The idea for the video game came from inside the company, and a team of eight people created the final concept. Now customers who like video games and are going to be needing some storage for themselves or a business can play along and see how much of a discount they can earn. Every little bit helps, and while the game is challenging it's certainly not impossible to earn enough points to get a good discount on their next storage facility booking. The game is fun, and shows that huge ads and expensive marketing tools aren't really necessary to get people interested in a business.

The company itself was founded in 2010 and originally based in Melbourne. It was the brainchild of Jeremy Rosen and Ben Cohen, and it grew fast right from the beginning. It wasn't long before Taxibox needed to move into a bigger location, Two years after its creation, the company had expanded to Sydney and had a moving service that would travel between Sydney and Melbourne. Now the company is in Brisbane, too. That expansion is certainly not all from a video game, but the game has helped to ensure that customers think about the company and enjoy all that it has to offer for their storage needs.

That enjoyment of the video game makes customers view Taxibox in a different way, and could be used to other storage companies that want to attract customers and get them interested in using their facilities for their storage needs. Despite the fact that the game sounds like a really novel idea, Taxibox isn't the first company to do such a thing. The Storage King Group also has a video game that is based around packing and moving, and that focuses on a storage facility. That game is offered for free, which makes it a very popular choice to download and play. Even people who aren't customers of the storage facility play it, because they find it addictive and fun.

Other storage and moving companies will likely follow suit, and decide that they need to start making video games and coming up with other catchy ways to get customers interested in what they have to offer. With unique types of marketing there are always risks, but these companies show that it is not necessary to have huge, standard marketing campaigns to be successful. They are able to do well with less marketing because they have the video game, and it's a truly fun thing for their customers, and potential future customers, to do.