Self Storage Startup Doing Well in Hong Kong

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Self Storage Startup Doing Well in Hong Kong

Valet self storage has made its way to the international market in the past few months and it has finally reached Hong Kong. Startup company Spacebox (not to be confused with Singapore’s valet self storage Spaceship) launched in November 2014 and had over 100 customers by January 2015, largely due to word of mouth.

Spacebox already has competition in the Hong Kong market from Vault Dragon (which has another location in Singapore) and Hong Kong Storage. Other startup self storage companies inHong Kong include Go N Live and Boxful.

Valet storage has dramatically increased in popularity in the past six months alone – both in the United States and in international markets. Amazon’s new Dash button, which allows users to simply push a button to reorder an item, supports the idea that consumers want an increasing amount of convenience and valet self storage can give them that.

Spacebox was founded by brothers Lewis and Stuart Cerne. The idea came to the Cerne’s when Lewis and his wide were living in a 300-sq ft space.

Accounting to Lewis Cerne in a statement made to Entrepreneur HK, “Instead of trying to make everything fit and being frustrated, I thought, why not figure out a way to take away stuff you don’t need, but keep it accessible?” asks Lewis, who has been living in Hong Kong for the last six years.

“In Hong Kong, you sit and sleep on storage,” says Lewis. “But we want to take these things out and still give you peace of mind.”

At $49 HKD per month, Spacebox’s service is quite similar to existing valet self storage services except the company is working to create collection points throughout the city for customers who do not want the home delivery option. Other services we’ve come across so far only allow for home delivery drop off and pickup.

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