What Can I Fit into a Typical Self-Storage Unit?

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What Can I Fit into a Typical Self-Storage Unit?

Many people wonder just how much space they need to store the items they no longer want to keep in their home; the fact of the matter is that your storage needs will vary depending on how much you have to store. While there is a range of storage unit sizes, as opposed to one “typical” storage unit, there are really only so many unit types that exist. By having an idea of what average storage units look like—and comparing them to other spaces you may already have an idea of—you can get a good idea of how much will fit into a given unit.

For example, a small self-storage unit will typically come in two sizes: 5’x5’ and 5’x10’.


A 5’x5’ storage space is akin to a standard closet in your home—such as a bedroom closet—while a 5’x10’ unit is closer to a walk-in closet. So for personal items such as clothes, boxes, toys, and small furniture, or even files— boxes of business records or sales materials for example—the 5’x5’ space would be ideal; if you have a sofa, mattress, or other medium- to large-sized furniture to store, but not many of those items, the 5’x10’ unit would probably be a better fit.

A medium self-storage unit—which comes in 5’x15’ and 10’x10’ are closer to rooms unto themselves.

For a 10’x10’ (or 100 square feet) storage space, you could actually fit the contents of an entire one-bedroom apartment, or an entire (moderately sized) office, including desk, chairs, computer, lamps, and shelves. Compare it to the size of a fairly generous bedroom in your home—and looking around, consider how much you’re able to fit in that room.

Larger self-storage unit spaces range from 10’x15’ to 10’x30’.

At this level of space, you’re looking at the size of almost a small house or apartment in and of itself; a 10’x15’ storage unit can old a small car, or the contents of a two-bedroom house or apartment, comfortably. For a little more space, a 10’x20’ storage space, at 200 square feet, can hold the furniture and appliances of a standard-sized three-bedroom home—it’s quite a lot of space. The largest units, at 10’x30’, is approximately the same size as a 40’ moving truck; to illustrate the size, a space of this size can very comfortably hold a grand piano. The storage space is enough to contain a small boat, an average-sized car, or sufficient room for the entire contents of a four-bedroom house.

Of course, when making the decision to store your items, it’s a good idea to look to your future storage needs as well as your current requirements.

After all, it would be kind of a pain to have to eventually move everything into a larger space, if you can predict needing more room. Whether you need to store business files, an entire home (if a loved one is, for example, going into assisted living or is otherwise selling a house), or just need a place to store a car or boat when it’s not in use, there is a self-storage unit size that will work perfectly for your needs, no matter how small they start or how large they become.