Don't Store These Items in Your Self Storage Unit

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Don't Store These Items in Your Self Storage Unit

Self storage is a life-saver for many people who find they just don't have enough space in their homes to store all of their belongings.

Self storage allows them the opportunity to keep the items that are important to them, but are not used every day, but keep them someplace that is clean, dry, safe, and yet out of the way of daily life.

While storage units can be used to house a multitude of different things, there are some items that would be unwise to keep in your storage unit. Keep this in mind when you are loading things into your unit, because if you disobey the rules, you might cause damage to your own property, the property of other renters, and may even find yourself in trouble with the law.

Things You Shouldn't Keep in Your Self Storage Units

  • Perishables - This may not seem like a big idea, but perishables like food items or even pet food are not a good idea to keep in your storage unit. Not only could they quickly lead to mold and mildew, but they can also attract insects and rodents that might end up chewing on or nesting in the other items in the unit.
  • Animals - You should never keep an animal in your storage unit. It is cruel for the animal to be kept alone in the dark without the proper necessities, and it is also illegal. It's best to let an animal stay with a friend or at a kennel if you're going away.
  • Hazardous Material - Hazardous materials are the most commonly problematic item in storage units. Anything that can create serious damage if opened or spilled is considered toxic, i.e. corrosive materials, chemicals, odorous/noxious gases, anything toxic or flammable, gasoline, filled propane tanks, kerosene, fertilizers, paints, or cleaners. These items can catch fire or even explode within the unit. Items like lawn mowers need to have their tanks emptied before going in the storage unit.
  • Explosives/Ammunition/Firearms - These items could cause a great deal of damage to your unit, as well as the items around yours, if they were to go off, and you would be liable for the damages. If you're going aay and don't feel comfortable taking these items with you or leaving them behind, contact your local gun range, as they will have the appropriate storage facilities, or know where you could find them.
  • Unregistered Vehicles - Many people choose to store vehicles in storage units to protect them from the elements. This is particularly common in the winter, when people like to store their summer cards and motorcycles to protect them from inclement weather conditions, and rust and water damage that can result from outdoor storage. But any vehicle that is stored in your unit must be registered, and registered in your name. You cannot store a friend or family member's vehicle.

Self storage rentals offer you a wide variety of units in different sizes and with different features to suit your needs.

They provide so much opportunity to store and organize your belongings, and free up space in your home. And while there are certain items that are not a good idea to store in a self storage unit, hopefully renting a unit will allow you to clear more room to store these items at home.