Tips for Packing and Storing Items in a Self-Storage Unit

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Tips for Packing and Storing Items in a Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is a great way to store some of your most valuable possessions, while keeping them safe from harm. Whether you are moving to a new residence or simply wish to keep your current home de-cluttered, a self-storage unit can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

When using a self-storage unit, however, it is important to pack and store your household items safely, to reduce the likelihood of damage. Follow these tips whenever packing and storing items:

  • Choose the right self-storage unit for your needs. Be sure it is large enough to safely organize and hold what you need to store.
  • Consider spending a little extra money on climate-controlled storage. This will reduce the chance of moisture damage to your boxes and items.
  • Plan what you want to store and for how long.
  • Organize and pack your items with your plan in mind.
  • Be sure to buy appropriate boxes for the items you wish to store.
  • Heavy items should be placed in smaller boxes to make them easier to lift and store.
  • Invest in sturdy, high quality boxes.
  • Bubble wrap is best for keeping delicate and fragile items intact.
  • Denver, Colorado - label your boxes

  • LABEL all boxes clearly with items inside. This prevents having to dig through boxes later to locate your items.
  • Box up everything you can, unboxed items will get dusty in storage units.
  • Fill boxes to capacity to prevent shifting during transport or lifting.
  • Use foam peanuts to fill in gaps.
  • Use dish liners and cup dividers whenever possible to protect dishes.
  • Consider wardrobe boxes and hanging rods to keep clothes neat.
  • Mark fragile boxes as FRAGILE so you avoid putting heavy items on top.
  • Spray wood furniture with a polish before storing.
  • Treat leather items with a good conditioner before storing.
  • Clean out vacuums before storing to avoid mold build up.
  • NEVER store wet or damp items.
  • Arrange and organize boxes efficiently with lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  • Leave an aisle between boxes so you can walk and find what you need.
  • When packing furniture, break down furniture into smaller pieces and cover with sheets.