Tips and Tricks To Organize Your Attic

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Tips and Tricks To Organize Your Attic

Having an attic can be a great thing if you are using it effectively. People use their attics as a personal self-storage space, throwing items up there with no organization at all. Attics can be problematic though. They may not preserve items as well as a climate-controlled unit and may suffer from humidity because of the lack of ventilation. You have to be very careful with certain items, especially record collections and important papers. You can get a lot of ideas for storing from Pinterest and other sites that will awe you with their creativity.

Although the job may seem overwhelming, using containers and the advice of experts can make a big difference. Having a proper visual could also assist. Here are a few useful tips to organize your attic and make more space in the area:

Sort Your Items - It’s important to sort your items and group them into categories. Having a bin for each type of item will start getting things up off the floor and will give you a bigger picture on what’s in there.

Trash your Trash - At some point, there are some things that you will no longer want or need. Do not find ways to keep this stuff. Trash it. You should have a bin specifically labeled trash to dispose of this stuff.

Donate - You should have a bin for items that are too small or you cannot use anymore but are in good enough condition to pass  along.

Survey and Assess - By this time, you can see a lot of the items you have and plan to keep. Utilizing clear, air-tight containers could be a great solution for you to preserve your items. Clear or colored, these can help you get things organized.

Purchase the storage supplies you need - Again, plastic bins and containers can work wonders in getting your things in order and look nice while doing it. Color-coordinating your items will help you find things easier after formulating a master list.

Label your containers - Putting labels on your containers will help you keep things organized and in the same place. It’s good to group like-items and bins together to find things easily.

Utilize shelving - Using shelving to keep your bins organized is a great idea. Organizing shelves along the walls will keep things in order and up off the floor.

Make a master listing - Creating a master list of bin color and what is in it will help you find things quickly when you need to. Posting the list in an area by the door will allow anyone who comes into the attic the opportunity of finding what they need while not interfering with your hard work. Put a date on the list and on the items and place an asterisk to the items that may need monitoring for preservation.

Using these tips will help you organize your attic and keep it that way. Remember – a little organization goes a very long way.

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