Décor Galore – How self-storage can help with redecoration

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Décor Galore – How self-storage can help with redecoration

When you take on a major redecoration project, there is quite a bit of effort involved. If you are doing it yourself, or even using a contractor, there are items that you must purchase and have on hand to get your tasks accomplished. Having a self-storage facility to house these things away from your project can give you a consistent peace of mind. Your home/project can have a semblance of peace, and you can get the items you need at your leisure. How can you utilize this self-storage unit to work to your advantage?/

Here are some things that you may want to store until you can use them:

  • Tile - If you have a large variety of tile that will need to be laid, you want to have room to store everything. If you have tile for multiple rooms, where are you going to store everything until you can get to it? There is tile, buckets, grout, wall board if you’re laying it on the wall and more. You won’t have to worry about it getting in the way and if using a contractor, will have a place for them to house everything so you can make sure all your items are properly accounted for.

  • New appliances - You don’t want to put your new appliances in a kitchen that is still under construction. You can house your appliances in your self-storage unit and breathe easily knowing they won’t be damaged.

  • Drywall and concrete - Installing new walls? Planning an addition? Laying a new floor for the outside? You can store your drywall in your unit until you’re ready. If you bought it in bulk for multiple uses, you can take what you need at your leisure. Who wants concrete bags laying around? Use your self-storage unit to store your concrete until you need it.

  • Files - This is a perfect place to house all your permits, your paperwork, receipts and anything related to the contractor. Having all these files in one place will alleviate having to look for something project related when you need it.

  • Tools - Major power tools and those heavy-duty monsters don’t need to be around the house, especially with kids. Store them safely in your self-storage unit until you need them.

  • Lighting - This can include new lights for your home or task lighting for those jobs that require it.

  • Furniture - Got a good sale on furniture? You can use your self-storage unit to store it until you’re ready. Wrapped in plastic or covered, you will ensure your furniture is in pristine condition when you move it into your newly designed space.

  • Having a self-storage unit throughout your redecoration projects can be a time saver and can give you peace of mind. There are days when you won’t be able to work on your project due to scheduling conflicts or the weather. Why have everything scattered around, creating an unhealthy environment? This is a perfect solution to get you through! Happy redecorating!

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