How to get Instagram Succes in 3 easy steps.

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How to get Instagram Succes in 3 easy steps.

When you utilize social media, there are a number of things involved. It’s a tedious process, especially if you are anticipating a return on your investment. There are strategic mindsets and steps you must take to get half of what you put in, including time, manpower and dedication. There are some great brands that can give you some incentive and ideas on how to effectively implement your social media campaigns. One of the newest vehicles on the market that you should give some thought to is Instagram.

In any industry, including the self-storage industry, you can use Instagram to leverage your brand and use it to make an impact. Large companies, from Miami to Portland and all across the globe, have now taken Instagram and made it a number one priority to reach their customers. According to this study, Fortune 500 companies are using Instagram with a high degree of success. Results of the study found that Instagram is a vehicle that can be used at any time, beyond standard business hours which can give you additional advantages of having consumers view and become exposed to your content.

As a competitive entity, the used of hashtags can also parlay your company into instant visibility. Twitter started the trend, and now the use of hashtags on Facebook and Pinterest content has become almost mandatory. Having the right hashtag at the right time can make you a valued user which will bring more viewers to your regular content.

Here are a couple of additional ways to enhance your Instagram marketing campaigns:

  • Videos
    This is very advantageous. When you use vivid pictures and short video to enhance your brand, you will have a huge advantage in market share. Engaging videos quickly go viral. It’s amazing how many people spend time going through videos to pass time. When you have valued content, your page is one that consumers will return to on a frequent basis.

  • Posting Schedule
    You want to have a varied, staggered posting schedule that will span the entire day. Buck the norm and have interaction when business hours are over. Remember, it’s an entire world out there with a number of different time zones. Why not engage customers across the globe? It shows your dedication and attentiveness to others who are on the web 24 hours a day.

  • Multiple hashtags
    Although you may already be implementing the use of hashtags, using multiple hashtags can increase your interactions tremendously. You will have a variety of consumers who have varied taste all converging on your posts at one time. Classic brilliance.

As the shape of technology and the use of social media continues to change the landscape of how businesses operate, it’s important to take the time to understand your market and how you want your self storage business conveyed. There is nothing worse than implementing a campaign that doesn’t have a strategic focus. If you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish, how will you know if your campaign worked. These things are crucial and should be taken seriously. Make social media work for you.

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