How well do you utilize your garage?

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How well do you utilize your garage?

If you are fortunate enough to have a garage, how well do you use it? Is it a catch-all for things that need organizing? Do you park your cars there, or does it serve dual purposes and works as a buffer of both? You can change the way you use your garage to make it more efficient and effective for you. There’s no limit to what you can use your garage for. If you’ve been thinking about changing the way you use your garage, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Spare room
    Garages can provide tons of space for a game room, den or spare bedroom. You can outfit them with a bathroom and more. They have beautiful flooring and paint for garage floors that can transform this space into a beautiful work of art. You can add wall upgrades and light fixtures and no one will ever think they were standing in the garage.

  • Storage space
    If you need additional storage space but still want to use your garage for the reason it was intended (parking your car), there are ways you can make this happen. Good storage systems are available that will give covered or uncovered shelving all along the walls. You can even utilize the ceiling to place storage racks for bicycles and bins that house holiday decorations, etc. If you don’t use your car in the garage at all, you can install rack systems that will make everything nice, neat and organized. Cabinetry will work well in this space as well, giving you space that you can utilize to the fullest.

  • Apartment
    If your garage is big enough, you can make an entire apartment to gain some extra money. This will work like a charm, especially if you need the funds. You can store your other items in a small self-storage unit and get premium dollars for this space. College students would love to get their hands on an upgraded garage apartment. It’s cheaper and current upgrades are really nice for the money.

If you are planning on doing some conversions, check with your contractor or local agency for the permitting process. You would hate to build a beautiful space only to be fined because you didn’t pass inspection or it wasn’t properly documented. The goal is to save money at all costs. If you plan to sell, this is one of the things you really have to pay attention to. If displayed correctly, it could be a major selling point. If all else fails, you will still save money by storing your car in the garage overnight. This can get you great discounts on your car insurance and you’ll have a paint job that will last a few years longer. If you find yourself with the need for more space and you already have every room filled, it’s time to use that garage one more time effectively. Garage sale anyone?

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