Garage Sale 101 – From a Self-Storage Facility

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Garage Sale 101 – From a Self-Storage Facility

Garage sales can be fun-filled events. Matter-of-fact, they can be very profitable, especially if you hold them in conjunction with cleaning out your home or self-storage unit. If you’re in need of a location, maybe you should think about renting an outside self-storage unit to hold the festivities. There are many instances when tenants come together to have one big garage sale. Can you imagine? For some facilities, this is a great marketing opportunity. Think about it – if you leave a sign at the door advising tenants of the garage sale and a number for them to contact you in the event they want to join in, can you imagine the rewards? If enough people participate, it could become a huge event, possibly something the management may want to rethink and make a yearly festivity.

If you’re just using it for the sale, there are a few things you need to do first:

  • Make sure the facility is okay with you holding the garage sale there.
  • Rent the unit ahead of time to get things organized.
  • Make flyers and advertisements. Some cool places would be to advertise on Craigslist, the newspapers and of course, post signs wherever you can think of, especially if you’re having a fire sale.

The beauty of having a garage sale from the self-storage facility is that you will be able to get rid of your things and then after the sale if there’s anything left over, you have the rest of the month to decide your course of action. If you’re donating to the Salvation Army, you will have time to call them and schedule a pick-up time, if you’re holding items for someone, you can breathe easily knowing your items are safe and secure. It’s definitely a win.

For those establishments who really want to attract customers and publicity, this would be a great event that could be advertised on social media and would also get hometown news coverage. A huge garage sale complete with balloons and streamers in the back parking lot? Think about it. Many states have done this with huge success, and it could also be a great selling point for new customers. You never know when tenants want to get rid of things and feel they have no recourse or knowledge on what to do.

Although self-storage is used to hold possessions and keep them safe, let’s face it – at some point, you need to get rid of your storage. If you aren’t living overseas or haven’t had a need for your items or have a plan to acquire your items after two years, chances are it’s time to have that garage sale. The perfect solution would be having it in the same place your items have been stored. This way, you can continue the detachment and won’t feel so bad about seeing your things carted off by someone else. The bright side? You’ll have a pocket full of money and if you downgrade to a smaller storage, the funds to pay some months in advance!

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