Brilliant Alternative Uses for Self-Storage

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Brilliant Alternative Uses for Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities are used for a variety of purposes. Of course you use it to store things, and some people use them for business purposes, but what are some other ways in which a self storage facility can be used? For one, it can be used as additional space for recreation. Depending on how large your space is, and if you have electricity, you can use the space for some of these uses:

  • Band rehearsals – If you have a drive-up, outside self-storage unit, this would be perfect for a band. All the equipment can be stored after practices, you have access early and late at night, and most of all, you don’t have anyone to disturb or vice versa. Mike checks, riffs on the guitar and drum beats can all be done without fear of having the neighbors asking to tone down the noise.

  • Gymnastics – Large, warehouse type self-storage units can accommodate this practice setting quite nicely. Wide berth areas house tumbling mats and other equipment that can help your team get ready for competition. The noise levels can get quite loud for this sport, and a large, air-conditioned unit can serve as both office and practice base.

  • Cheerleading – This fun activity has been deemed a sport and with so many competitive teams around besides the ones you find at schools, there is a need for additional space to practice. A unit can house mats, equipment, mirrors and everything else needed to get competition ready. If you use a self storage unit, you can make all the noise you want while still learning intricate routines.

  • Dance – For those groups that dance on the side, or for someone who dances as a passion, this is an inexpensive alternative to having a studio space. You can outfit your unit with bars or whatever else you need. Salsa anyone?

  • Demonstration Classes – These classes can be as creative as you want them to be. From how to decorate cakes, to how to build a website. Fold-up tables, chairs and racks can make this a place to accomplish great things.

  • Art Studio – The budding artist can paint in peace and quiet. An indoor, air-conditioned unit can keep paints and other art materials at controlled temperatures to avoid drying them out while providing a safe haven for your masterpieces.

These are just a few ways of making your unconventional self storage space a conventional alternative to getting things done. All of these units can house equipment, mats and anything else you need to serve your purposes without the hassle of trying to find an expensive space that works. Check with your facility to see if there are any additional rules, but you are already paying for insurance, and it would be a lot cheaper to utilize your liability policy that you already have in place for injuries. You would be surprised how self-storage facilities have branched out to include alternative uses as a viable option for consumers. Communication is key. You’ll be away from the elements and in a covered facility. There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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