Go Shopping … In Your Self Storage

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Go Shopping … In Your Self Storage

When you feel like redecorating, it’s time to take things into perspective. If you have a self storage unit, you want to make sure you don’t go out and purchase items you may already have. Consumers tend to do exactly that – consume. When you’re looking at how you can change things around or before you go out shopping for that new dress, take a minute to think about what you may already have at your fingertips.

Most households today have a self-storage unit separate from their home. This is very common. Matter-of-fact, statistics show that over 10.8 million people use self-storage, with most of them being homeowners. This alone has bolstered the self-storage industry. It’s been a winning situation on both ends. If you have a unit, you definitely have some items to work with. Here are some things to think about before you hit the mall or design store:

  • What exactly do you have in your storage facility? Is it clothes, furniture or decorative items?
  • Why did you put them into storage? Were you switching out some things temporarily or for the holidays, or were you just tired of them?
  • Do you have additional space for new items, or is it a color-based change that is needed?
  • What exactly do you feel that you need to change in your space, or what type of clothing do you need?

Once you ask yourself these questions, the rest is easy. Look over your inventory, or if you don’t have one, go to your storage facility and make one. You would be surprised at the “newness” of your old items. If you’ve gone through weight loss, those clothes you never wanted to part with are waiting for you to rekindle that relationship. If you have furniture or pieces that you love but didn’t like the color or wood grain, why not refurbish them and paint them the color of choice? That would be much cheaper than going out to buy something new that will have the same use as what you already have.

Additionally, if you have pieces of furniture or clothing in your self-storage unit, you can use them for other purposes. Repurposing is the best thing and is very popular in magazines. Breathing new life into something old is very chic and in style. Vintage anyone? How about Shabby Chic? You can easily go on the internet and check out designs and pictures. Allaire Williams

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