Design Basics 101

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Design Basics 101

Creating spaces that appeal to your inner design thoughts takes time. Most people desire an environment that is inviting, appealing and will cater to their needs. What exactly does that mean? When designing a space for whatever reason, there are a few things that should be considered before you start. Design is a mixture of a variety of thoughts and ideas nurtured to reflect your personal mood and taste. Your design is strictly for you - unless you’re designing a space for someone else. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind as you envision what you would like to see:

  • Balance – You always want to have a balance within the design. This rule applies to everything – balance in color, textures, patterns and accessories. Your design can’t function without your elements working together properly. Even if you have eclectic tastes, having the right balance will bring it all into focus.

  • Focus – In most design schemes, there is a focal point bringing everything else together. It may mean painting a wall a bold color, installing wall tiles, adding fabrics or a huge painting that brings everything else in the room together. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one focal point, but there should be at least one. If you don’t have one, create one.

  • Pattern cohesion – Interior design is about bringing everything together in a symmetrical way. You may want to use repetition, color blocking, progression according to size, and of course a great transition. This could include beautiful doors, archways or paintings with curved lines. Having a definite contrast is also a good way to blend your colors together cohesively. With contrast, use sparingly. Too much could be a disaster!

  • Details – It’s all in the details! Adding interesting accessories is always a good thing. Size differences matter. You may have a vase grouping with 3 different size vases, or specialized trim on the sofa cushions or lamp shades. Flowers or bamboo pairings, or rock collections can make a tremendous difference in your space. Remember – details should enhance, not overpower or distract.

  • Unity – This is one of the most important elements in creating design. All of your elements should come together to create a beautiful harmony. Every color, every accessory, every pattern should play off each other. That’s what makes a great design.

  • Confidence – Having confidence in your design is key. If you don’t believe in your design, it won’t work. Remember – design is a reflection of YOU. You don’t have to match everything or follow a certain pattern throughout. Great design is having colors and patterns flow together throughout your scheme.

Creating an effective design doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping these elements in mind when creating your space will help you in designing spaces that you can be proud of. All it takes is a little planning, patience and creativity. Look at some design magazines or shows to get an idea of how to make your ideas work and you’ll be well on your way.

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