What’s the most effective way to move?

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What’s the most effective way to move?

When faced with a situation that will require you to move, you may be caught off guard. When that happens, it’s time to regroup and assess the situation. Typically, it may not be the best situation, but it’s up to you to make it a conducive situation that meets your needs.

First think about the major things:

  • Is it something you can do yourself or will you have to hire movers?
    This is a very important question. If you have the means to do it yourself, you want to make sure you know exactly what you need for a flawless move. It wouldn’t make sense to not have the proper equipment or packing tools because you will end up having more damage than it’s worth. If you have to hire movers, do your research. You want movers that have a stellar reputation of getting the job done and doing exactly what they were hired to do in the time allotted. Make sure they are reputable and have a great history of being conscientious with customer belongings.

  • Know the costs involved.
    There are costs involved, period. Whether you are moving yourself, which would include gas, blankets and renting a truck if you don’t have one, there is a significant amount of money that may come into play. With movers, make sure you know the total costs involved and make sure there are no hidden fees. You don’t want to get caught up into a situation where you are faced with paying hundreds of dollars that weren’t anticipated. And make sure if you are using a moving company, insure your items for the full amount.

  • Make sure you have the proper packing tools.
    This includes the correct sizes and types of boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, packing tape, markers and possibly labels. Boxes can be found anywhere, but if you will have to store items, new boxes are the best. You can find them online, at home improvement stores and even Walmart. This is important so that you won’t break your valuables and you also know where each and every box will go. If you have items that will be transferred to a self-storage facility, it’s good to have those with neon colored labels so there will be no confusion.

  • Have all your paperwork in order.
    This is a very crucial step. If you’re moving to an unfamiliar area, have your route mapped out. If you’re using movers, make sure you have all their contact numbers, your contract numbers and they have your contact numbers in their possession. It’s good to have a moving notebook that lists your inventory and everything associated with the move in one handy place. A bright colored notebook works best to easily be found.

  • Make sure you have the keys for your new place and a lock for your self-storage facility, especially if you are moving your things in after hours.

This is just a general listing, but should get you started and in the right mindset to have a smooth, effective move.

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