Is your self-storage facility technologically adept?

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Is your self-storage facility technologically adept?

When looking for a self-storage unit, one of the things you need to do is research all your options. Doing this will not only give you tangible quotes, but also an idea as to whether or not your storage facility has stepped into the 21st century by way of modern technology. Being able to click a button and retrieve prices and information on self-storage facilities all over the globe is a great thing, but what else does your self-storage facility have to offer in terms of technology? You want to have every option available to you that will make your life easier. Here are some things you may want to look for: /

  • Online bill pay
    This is very important. Most major facilities have this as a feature, but even if you are with a small self-storage facility, they should offer this option or be in the process of transitioning to a newer system that will offer this to customers. If a customer is traveling or not able to go in person to pay their bill, an online bill pay option will come in handy. Additionally, patrons may not feel too comfortable in providing their payment information to a live person. An online bill pay allows privacy and security of personal information.

  • Online account maintenance
    Having access to your account information is important. With access, you are able to view your past payments, upcoming payments, insurance information and more. You can also compare what you are paying to the current rates, possibly negotiating a lower rate. This is a great option for people on budgets and who like to track their expenditures.

  • Automatic bill pay
    In addition to having online bill pay, a recurring, automatic payment is useful for those individuals who have trouble remembering, or who travel quite a bit. Being able to have the payment for your bill automatically could be a lifesaver and helps to avoid excessive fees or even an auction of your belongings for non-payment.

  • Smartphone apps
    Having all these options available on a smartphone or tablet app is very helpful. By using an app, you will have everything at your fingertips in a quick, concise manner. Making them available on the Apple and Google interface, you can’t go wrong. They have apps for almost everything else, why not your self-storage facility?

These are general offerings your self-storage facility should have. Customer service and satisfaction is top priority. If your facility doesn’t offer these options, talk to a manager. They may already be in the process upgrading their system or didn’t even think about it because no one asked. You could help propel them into the world of modern technology and get helpful tools to make your life easier in the process. Working together to achieve a goal is a great thing, and helping a business to succeed is the best!

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