Redecoration Tips 101

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Redecoration Tips 101

If moving is not in your future, maybe it’s time to redecorate. There are many things you can do to make a huge difference in your surroundings. The first thing you should think about is space. Having ample space to make changes, or creating space to get rid of the cluttered feeling in your home is key. If you find you have too many items and need to figure out what to do with them, try getting a self-storage unit until you can go through them and decide whether or not you’re donating your items or having a garage sale. Sometimes when you go back into a self-storage unit after a while, it’s like you’re in a store and you find things you can re-purpose.

Real Simple Magazine gives some tips from various home interior designers for redecorating that will stand the test of time. These may help you determine how to proceed. Of course, if you’re into modern furnishings or contemporary design, that will be covered in another post. Remember, changing the paint color in a room is always a good way to upgrade your space, or you may want to change your doors.

Let’s look at the tips:

  • Arrange small pictures on a dresser.

  • Stick to a muted palette.

  • Top carpeting with an area rug.

  • Keep the mantel spare.

  • Cluster similar colors together.

These are just a small sampling of tips that may work for you when figuring out your design scheme. Most importantly, you need to figure out your style. Is it eclectic? Country? Traditional? Once you’ve figured that out, you will be able to proceed a little bit better. Here are a few other tips to consider when redecorating:

  • Flooring – Do you want carpet, tile or wood floors? Light colored tile tends to open a room, and wood floors add elegant warmth.

  • Paint – do you want to make a statement, or are just looking for a change? Painting one wall in a beautiful color can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of a room. Group additional colors around that focal point.

  • Pictures – Pictures always add a certain flair to a room. You may want to put a cluster of photos together or have one large statement piece.

When redecorating, it’s easy to find little ways to spruce up the area positively. All it takes is a little thought and creativity. Your design should reflect your personality and have glimpses of who you are all over. Look through a couple of magazines for ideas. Another thing to consider is comfort. Many times, rooms are redone but end up stuffy. If you’re going to use the space, make sure it is functional and comfortable. There’s no use in buying furniture that you can’t use. It needs to look good and feel good as well. Do some research, clean out your space, get a self-storage unit for those items you no longer need, and get to work! Your new redecoration project is waiting for you!

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