The Perfect Partnership: Self-Storage Facilities and Real Estate Companies

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The Perfect Partnership: Self-Storage Facilities and Real Estate Companies

Formulating partnerships is very important in maintaining the vitality of an organization. Self-storage facilities, in particular, need to consistently network and build a network of companies and individuals that will help make a difference in increasing their bottom line. With so many tools and resources available, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. One thing companies must remember – social media is a networking tool, but will never replace good, old-fashioned networking.

One of the most effective strategies a self-storage company can employ is by formulating partnerships with real estate companies and realtors. Why? Real estate companies and realtors have multiple clients – clients that may need storage. It’s not uncommon for families or professionals living out of state to contact a realtor months ahead to look for a new place to live. Even if they haven’t found a suitable place, they will need to place their items in storage. Additionally, they may have sold their home in another state and need to put their belongings somewhere until they close on a house. Again, they will need storage. Having an effective partnership with a real estate agent or company will put you in the driver’s seat. You will be the first person they call to get the job done.

What are some ways to formulate these partnerships?

  • Set up personal meetings. Pinpoint a few real estate agencies in your area and go meet them personally. Nothing takes the place of a good face-to-face.

  • Mailings. Sending mailers or going to the agencies to ask permission to place mailers is very effective. When people go into the office for inquiries, they see your information and tend to tuck it away for times they may need it.

  • Attend meetings of real estate professionals. Call your local real estate organization and ask to do a presentation. You will be surprised at how many people you meet and can add to your network.

  • Do personal electronic mailers. Remember those cards you got at the real estate meeting? Now is the time to make those connections work for you. If you have anything of value to share, sending out an electronic mailer can work for you and keep you fresh in their minds.

  • Attend Chamber meetings. Again, doing a presentation and meeting people is invaluable.

Although researching and vetting real estate agents and companies can be tedious work, taking the time to do it can work wonders. You’ll start getting invited to mixers and meetings where you’ll meet even more individuals to increase your network on social media and through your personal strategies. It all starts from somewhere. Truth be told, a lot of real estate agents welcome these partnerships because it can be a reciprocal deal. They refer someone, then you refer someone. Once you build a loyalty base, you increase your brand equity and will eventually become the go-to place for self-storage information. Using these tips will get you farther into the door than you could have ever imagined. You have the tools, now it’s time to use them.

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