How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

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How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

When moving, even if it’s just across town, it can be very hectic. If you’ve downsized, you have items that won’t fit into your new space and you need to plan ahead. If you’re posed with this problem, the first thing you need to do is secure a self-storage unit. This will allow you to put the things you can’t use somewhere until you can figure out what to do with them. You would be surprised to find how many things you’ve accumulated, even if it’s just been a few months.

Another important thing to do is inventory your items. Know Your Stuff is a great tool for this, and is also offered as an app. This will help with your homeowners or renter’s insurance policies, and you will know exactly what you have in the event you use a professional moving company. More often than not, things get damaged or missing. Knowing what you have and being able to check it off on a list is invaluable.

Relocate Magazine says you should take the time and get your packing done early. Cleaning, getting rid of things, purchasing boxes and other items, using green products, and consider a moving specialist are all recommendations. Getting your materials online and also hiring a removal company are also suggestions. After your move, if you have a significant number of items in a self-storage unit, save your boxes. This will help when you’re deciding where things will go. You will have boxes handy and won’t have to incur additional expenses.

Use a labeling system. When using movers or even friends, you want to label your boxes and items so that things can be placed in the correct room and you won’t have to do double work. Planning ahead is key. If you have organized a moving party, make sure you do the right thing and have snacks and drinks available. When moving, you need water and food to keep you going. After the move is done, splurge on dinner for everyone. Pizza is fine. It’s really the thought that counts. Research take-out places prior to the move so that phone numbers and addresses are handy.

Some additional things to do prior to your move:

  • Make sure your electricity and water are working prior to your arrival.

  • Estimate the costs associated with your move. You should know how much the truck or the movers will cost. If you’re renting your own truck, add in mileage and gas.

  • Protect your floors. If you’re moving into a place with hardwood flooring, you don’t want to scuff it when moving. Put down a protective covering, especially for those high-traffic areas.

  • Have your first night box ready. Anything and everything you need to make your first night smooth: paper goods, toiletries, sheets and towels, soap, light bulbs and whatever else you can think of that you may need.

Do these things and you should be just fine. Happy moving!

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