Give Your Mom a Storage Unit for Mother’s Day!

Give Your Mom a Storage Unit for Mother’s Day!

By: Eva Prada
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and men everywhere are scrambling for just right Mother’s Day gift. Many of those same men probably are thinking about purchasing yet again, another item for Mom, something that will just take up more space. Why not give Mom, something she has been asking for? A self storage unit!

I know, I know your wife has not been asking for a storage unit. But if you wife is like me, she has been asking you or maybe even nagging you to clean out that garage, shed, yard or extra room in the house. You know get rid of some of that junk, uh stuff you are saving…… saving for I don’t know what. You know that stuff, the stuff you just can’t bear to get rid of. The stuff, you just might need again someday, right. Sure I know it’s good stuff after all.

So here’s my suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift. A gift that might just make Mom and yourself happy at the same time! Maybe even save your marriage. Ok, I’m stretching that one.

But seriously, if there is a room that your wife has been asking you to clean out, now would be a good time. And it would be a great Mother’s Day Gift too. So go through the garage, shed or whatever room she wants you to clear out. Separate the things you might need or use in the next few months from the things you might use only once a year. Discard the things you know you will never use again, that is if you have any, lol. Do an internet search for a storage facility near you: example go to self storage in Houston or whatever city you reside in. There should be several self storage places to choose from and you can reserve your unit right online.

Once your unit is booked, you can begin to move all the stuff you need or want to save to your new self storage unit, thereby cleaning out that space your wife wants cleaned out. Want to make this gift even more special? Spruce up the newly cleared out space with a fresh coat of paint or window treatments etc. Ok, I know, now I’m pushing it. Although a potted spring plant would be a nice touch.

Just think how happy your wife will be to be able to park her car in the garage. Or how happy she will be when she is working with her orchids on her new potting bench in the shed. Or how much fun she will have redecorating the new guest room or working on her crafts in her new space.

See, a self storage unit can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift after all.