Charities - Self Storage Facilities Give Back

Charities - Self Storage Facilities Give Back

When it comes to self storage facility, the first thing you may think of may not be charity. After all, all they are really doing is storing your stuff, right? How involved in the community can they be besides working to store your things and keep them safe over time?

But self-storage facilities all around the country have been giving back, both during the holiday season and throughout the calendar year, with programs like Kure It and others that ensure self-storage gives back, and the owners and employees of self-storage facilities are deeply entrenched in and committed to their communities.

Kure It
Kure It is on a mission to raise money for cancers like kidney issues and other, and conduct research projects to ultimately better treat kidney diseases and kidney cancers. Kure It works all around the country with offices in California, and works to cure cancer and kick kidney cancer to the curb, for a variety of reasons.

Kure It has been working with self-storage facilities that have made it a point to raise money and work to give back to people affected by the cancers. Self-storage facilities around southern California received and donated thousands of dollars to Kure It on behalf of their owners, employees, and customers, and are actively working each and every day to ensure that their impact is felt in the local cancer community.

The California Self Storage Association and other groups donated more than $6,000 several months ago to Kure It, with the express purpose of researching and fighting kidney issues and other cancers that they felt had been overlooked and needed to be battled and defeated.

Self-Storage Gives Back
It's great to see that it isn't only self-storage units seeking profit that truly matters in this economy and this industry. With Kure It, self storage Oakland and self storage facilities all across the country have shown that they made it a point to impact their local community in a positive way and show themselves and others around them doing amazing things in a positive light. Plus, with Kure It, self-storage facilities have shown their commitment and devotion to their local community in southern California.

So the next time you're at your local self-storage facility, take a look around and ask around to the employees about what they are doing to promote good causes in their communities. The answers just might surprise you, as self-storage facilities and owners are typically some of the most community-minded people around town.

Not only are self storage units great places to store your stuff and keep your belongings, but with causes like Kure It under their belts, it provides for you and them the perfect tie-in to the community and an amazing way to promote a great cause in the community that thousands of people truly care about. If you're in southern California and want to be a part of it, we look forward to your assistance to help Kure It and defeat kidney cancers once and for all!