Self Storage Tips for Back to School

Self Storage Tips for Back to School

The fall season is quickly approaching which means that it will soon be time to put away your summer clothing, beach and pool gear. It’s also time to start preparing to send your children back to school. You can use a self storage unit to clear the clutter around your house that has accumulated during the summer months. Here are some ways a self storage unit can help you with your back to school needs:

  • School equipment - If your children will play sports during the school year, the bulky uniforms, bats, balls, weight, etc. will cause your home to get a bit crowded. As an alternative, these items can be placed into a storage unit. You can also store family bikes and other items you might have used on a regular basis over the summer that will not be in regular use during the fall and winter seasons.

  • Seasonal clothing - Since fall will require a different wardrobe, you can free up the space by putting old clothing in storage. This will create room for those heavy winter jackets. Rent a climate controlled unit to ensure that your summer clothing will keep fresh and safe from mildew and other damages. At the end of the winter/fall season, you can then store the heavy winter items and keep the storage space organized.

  • Books/old paper - Self storage is a great way to store all the paper that can accumulate from all the projects, paintings, and homework that your child takes home during the school year. Instead of throwing these things away once they begin to pile up, you can conveniently store them and preserve these memories for the future. Store these items in waterproof plastic bins to guard against potential flood damage and use an air conditioned unit.

  • Take advantage of back to school specials - Aside from the traditional back to school tax-free weekend, self storage facilities also advertise savings to parents in the form of back to school discounts. Some facilities will offer a considerable discount if you pay for up to three months in advance.

Now that the children are out of the house and going back to school, you can use the opportunity to free up clutter and stow away other items in self storage. After being home for the entire summer, your kids have probably accumulated a considerable number of items. can help you to organize your home for the fall season by proving a comprehensive listing of self storage facilities in your area.