Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit

Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit

Whether you are new to self storage or you are a regular user, a few things should be kept in mind when choosing a self storage unit. Many people tend to overlook certain details and focus solely on the price. While getting a great deal and taking advantage of discounts are important things to consider, do not fall into the trap of sacrificing quality for price. Keep the following in mind when looking for a self storage unit:

  • Determine the size of the unit ahead of time – It is wise to know how much space is needed prior to renting or reserving a self storage unit. Many self storage facilities offer the ability to virtually place items into a unit online so that you can have an idea of how your things will fit. There are also helpful guidelines listed such as a detailed explanation of popular storage unit sizes and the items which usually fit.

  • Be organized – One of the pitfalls that many fall into is not being properly organized before or during the process of moving things into self storage. Whether you have many items or just a few, it is best to come up with a game plan about how you will organize your self storage unit. If possible, try to arrange your items before bringing them to the storage unit.

  • Consider the distance – How quickly and easily you will need to access your items should be a deciding factor. If there is a better deal available at a location several miles from you, think about whether saving a few extra dollars on rent is worth the commute. If you need to access the unit often (a few times a month), it would be a better idea to choose a facility closer to you.

  • Assess if your items need special consideration – Not all items in self storage can be treated equally. This means that not every item can be stored in the exact same condition. For example, there are delicate items which might crack or break due to extreme heat or cold. A climate controlled unit is one option that would eliminate the need to worry about the condition of your belongings after placing them in self storage.

If you are not very familiar with self storage units, remember to visit the facility before making a final decision. Viewing the actual space will be easier than trying to estimate in your head. If you follow these guidelines and thoroughly plan ahead of time, then choosing a self storage facility will be a breeze.