How to Find Self Storage Deals

How to Find Self Storage Deals

There are many ways to find self storage deals, if you know the right place to look. Self storage facilities often offer discounts to both new and existing customers. Whether you are looking for self storage for the first time, or want a better deal on your unit, here are a few tips to find the unit you want without breaking the bank:

  • Use a self storage aggregator – This is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to find a good self storage deal. Sites like offer a widespread list of self storage facilities nationwide. The contact information and monthly deals for the self storage facilities are also listed.

  • Initiate your transaction online – Many self storage facilities will offer you a discount if you sign up and pay for your storage unit online. The process is quite simple if you already have an idea of the size and type of unit you will require. This is an excellent way to save both time and money.

  • Subscribe to mailing lists – Subscribe to the mailing list of a self storage aggregator or an individual self storage facility in order to get information about discounts and deals. Many of these companies will provide you with a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter that may sometimes have information on applicable discounts.

  • Take advantage of sign up specials – Several self storage facilities offer the option of a free month when you first sign up if you pay in advance. If you are thinking about using self storage for an extended period of time then this would prove to be a great option.

  • Inquire about discounts for special groups – Former military personnel, students, and senior citizens are usually given discounts. Sometimes, free moving assistance is even offered. You can send an inquiry to find out if you qualify for any special rates.

Renting self storage online is the quickest and easiest solution for your self storage needs. Remember to visit to browse self storage units and discounts in your area.