Quick Tips on Protecting Your Self Storage Unit from Burglary

Quick Tips on Protecting Your Self Storage Unit from Burglary

If you are a self storage user, protecting the safety of your stored belongings is very important. Whether you are storing just a few items or quite a few things that are worth a lot, you will want to ensure that your belongings are secure at the self storage facility you choose. Before choosing a self storage facility, pay close attention to these tips on how to secure the safety of your items:

  • Use a high quality lock – A simple Internet search will bring up recommendations on the best padlocks to choose for your storage needs. Try not to sacrifice quality for price. Remember that spending the extra $10 or $15 might make all the difference instead of having to replace your belongings in the future if your unit gets broken into.

  • Never share your entrance code or access card with strangers – Many storage facilities provide you with an entrance code or an access card. Be sure to keep yours private. Only share it with those that you want to have authorized access to your storage unit. Many times, unscrupulous people will say that they’ve forgotten their access card and might inveigle you into letting them in. Direct any person with such a story to the management office of your storage facility, as they will be better able to assist them than you would.

  • Utilize the extra lights at night – Your storage facility will usually have extra lighting available to you. Sometimes it is switched off to conserve electricity. At night, you can make use of these lights to better see your surroundings and take extra control of your security.

  • Remember that, ultimately, your security and the security of your personal items in your storage unit is primarily your responsibility, so ensure that you do all that you can to protect them. Visit USSelfStorageLocator.com for a comprehensive listing of self storage facilities to safely and securely store your belongings.