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Car Storage in Sacramento, CA

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775 N 16th St,
SacramentoCA 95811

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $53.40

Extra Space Storage

975 F St,
West SacramentoCA 95605

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $169.00

Extra Space Storage

3000 B St,
SacramentoCA 95816

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $276.00


541 Harbor Blvd,
West SacramentoCA 95691

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $73.80

Life Storage

1300 El Camino Ave,
SacramentoCA 95815

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $68.00

Public Storage

3961 W Capitol Ave,
West SacramentoCA 95691

1.0 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $64.00

Extra Space Storage

5051 Perry Ave,
SacramentoCA 95820

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $77.00

Life Storage

3280 Jefferson Blvd,
West SacramentoCA 95691

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $255.00

Extra Space Storage

4161 Pell Dr,
SacramentoCA 95838

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $92.00

Public Storage

4200 Northgate Blvd,
SacramentoCA 95834

1.0 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $138.00
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Cheap Car Storage Units Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento, CA is a great place to rent car storage units.

As the capital city of California, Sacramento has a population of nearly 500,000 residents. Its population is one of the most ethnically and racially diverse in the United States. Due to the growing number of residents, people in the city are constantly on the search for self storage to create extra space around the home or office. Luckily, there are many self storage facilities all over the city to fulfill the needs of its residents.

Located near Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco, Sacramento has a large college student population. Universities and colleges in the area include Sacramento State, University of California, The Art Institute of California, National University, Alliant University, The University of San Francisco, University of the Pacific, and MTI College. College students are always looking for ways to create more space in their crowded dorm rooms and self storage is the perfect answer. Many self storage facilities offer discounts to college students and some even have free truck rental.

There is no shortage of events and activities in Sacramento. The Sacramento Shakespeare Festival is held annually and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country. Event organizers can use self storage in Sacramento to store equipment and other items needed to make the festival a success. The most centrally located zip codes in Sacramento are 95811,95605, 95816 and 95820

The top companies Sacramento are US Davis Health System, Sutter Health, Intel, and the Mercy Catholic Healthcare West. With thousands of employees and limited office space, business owners in the city can rent self storage units to store office supplies and equipment which are not used on a regular basis.

Similar to all the other areas in the rest of the state, Sacramento experiences very hot summers. The state of California often sees over 300 days of sunshine. In the winter, temperatures are also fairly high. Be sure to rent climate controlled storage to ensure that your items are protected from the heat and that your items do not crack or break.

If you are looking for boat or RV storage in Sacramento then has you covered. There are also facilities with 24-hour access, state of the art security and mini and mobile storage options.

Compare public storage Sacramento, CA. Reserve cheap car storage units online or by phone with U.S. Self Storage

FIRST MONTH FREE, $1 the first month, 50% off discounts for car storage in Sacramento, CA.

Public storage facilities in Sacramento, CA offer a variety of discounts to their customers. When searching for extra space storage for your car in Sacramento, compare the price of the car storage unit as well as the discount that storage facility is offering on that space. Some self-storage facilities in Sacramento offer the same special on every car storage unit they have in their inventory, while other facilities might offer different specials on select car storage in their inventory.

Prices can vary based on storage sizes and it's amenities when renting Car Storage in Sacramento, CA.

Typically outside car storage units are less expensive and are typically located around the outside area of the storage facilities. You will find that an enclosed car storage unit will cost more than an uncovered car storage parking space.

Your search results have produced 53 car storage locations in Sacramento.

Within 5 miles of your Sacramento car storage search query we are showing 12 car storage facilities. Within 25 miles of your Sacramento car storage search query we are showing 53 car storage facilities. Enter your zip code, address or city to find your car storage unit now and reserve for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where could I find the best car storage in Sacramento?

To search for car storage facilities in Sacramento enter your city or zip code in the search bar on U.S. Self Storage. Look into a location that is close to where you live or work and for a monthly discount that the storage facility is offering.

How much does it cost to rent a car storage in Sacramento, CA?

The larger the car the more it will cost, an increase in demand in the city or zip code will also determine the price. An uncovered parking space will be less expensive than a covered or enclosed storage space. Search U.S. Self Storage to find the right type, size and price.

What are the various types of Self Storage for your car in Sacramento?

The are three types of storage spaces for your car: an enclosed drive up storage unit, a covered parking space and an uncovered parking space. Find the car storage type that best fits your need on U.S.Self Storage.

Could a 5 X 10 enclosed storage unit fit a car?

A 5 X 10 storage unit can not store a car. However, a 5 X 10 drive up storage unit will be suitable for a motorcycle, scooter, jet ski or small trailer.

What size storage space do I need to store a car in Sacramento?

A storage unit needs to be at a minimum 10 x 15 feet to store an automobile, however, a 10 X 20 would probably be a better size. Measure the width and length of your automobile prior to renting a storage unit with U.S.Self Storage for your car.

How long could I store my car in Sacramento?

You could store your car for a month or as long as you want. Prior to storing your car it is important to look into steps and tips on U.S. Self Storage; for example starting your car frequently and covering your car.

What is the length of a car?

Automobile models fluctuate in their size. However, a common car is approximately 15 feet in length. Smaller more economical cars are closer to 10 feet in length. Find the storage that fits your car's length with U.S. Self Storage.