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Car Storage in Anaheim, CA

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Extra Space Storage

155 S Adams St,
AnaheimCA 92802

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $111.00


1628 S Anaheim Way,
AnaheimCA 92805

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $339.00

Extra Space Storage

1705 S State College Blvd,
AnaheimCA 92806

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $200.00

Extra Space Storage

1761 W Katella Ave,
AnaheimCA 92804

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $110.00

Extra Space Storage

480 W Crowther Ave,
PlacentiaCA 92870

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $199.00

Extra Space Storage

1562 N Main St,
OrangeCA 92867

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $196.00

Public Storage

2361 W Commonwealth Ave,
FullertonCA 92833

1.0 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $163.00

Extra Space Storage

340 S Flower St,
OrangeCA 92868

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $137.00

Extra Space Storage

10741 Dale Ave,
StantonCA 90680

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $87.00


4200 N Harbor Blvd,
FullertonCA 92835

1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $139.50
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Cheap Car Storage Units Anaheim, CA.

Anaheim, CA is a great place to rent car storage units.

You'll have a ball in Anaheim, the tenth largest city in California. Nestled on the Santa Ana River, there's a few perks being in such a beautiful place. The city is between Los Angeles and Long Beach, about 15 miles from the ocean. There are tons of things to do and places to see, with a huge industrial footprint that makes the need for business storage facilities mandatory. The hustle and bustle of the city right in the mix of all the action is one of its great appeals. It's a great place to be. Welcome to Anaheim!

It's a great thing when nice weather is the norm. That's what you'll find in Anaheim. The yearly annual temperature is around 72 degrees, with the high in August being 86. During the winter months, you'll find the lowest temperature to be around 45 degrees, and the chance of rain yearly is around 11 percent. As you can imagine, there are many fun-filled days and activities to do in a climate like this. Everyday living has never been better.

Having a large footprint helps us give consumers and businesses some of the best rates you can find. Being a large city does have its perks! For spacing needs, we're right there to accommodate any size unit and amenity facilities while keeping cost-control methods intact. Your budget doesn't have to suffer because you need storage — we make our rates affordable and attainable to keep satisfied customers returning again and again.

If you're in the market for higher education, you're in the right place. Anaheim is home to many colleges and universities like Anaheim University, Bryman College, Chapman University, California State University and more. Great education and great value is what you'll find here. With so many students taking advantage of this opportunity, there's a need for student storage. We offer a variety of options, just for the student population that can't be beat.

If you've ever wondered if you would get bored in Anaheim, think again! There are so many things to do. There's the Disneyland Resort, Yorba Regional Park, Anaheim Museum and more. If you're a sports fan, you will get to root for the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Angels and The Mighty Ducks National Hockey League. You'll never get bored — even if you just want to take a walk outside and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy yourself and enjoy life as never before in Anaheim.

If you're considering the big move, this is a great place. We'll make it even easier with our resource network of companies like Unpakt to help you out. Moving has never been easier. We're here for you!

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FIRST MONTH FREE, $1 the first month, 50% off discounts for car storage in Anaheim, CA.

Public storage facilities in Anaheim, CA offer a variety of discounts to their customers. When searching for extra space storage for your car in Anaheim, compare the price of the car storage unit as well as the discount that storage facility is offering on that space. Some self-storage facilities in Anaheim offer the same special on every car storage unit they have in their inventory, while other facilities might offer different specials on select car storage in their inventory.

Prices can vary based on storage sizes and it's amenities when renting Car Storage in Anaheim, CA.

Typically outside car storage units are less expensive and are typically located around the outside area of the storage facilities. You will find that an enclosed car storage unit will cost more than an uncovered car storage parking space.

Your search results have produced 154 car storage locations in Anaheim.

Within 5 miles of your Anaheim car storage search query we are showing 9 car storage facilities. Within 25 miles of your Anaheim car storage search query we are showing 135 car storage facilities. Enter your zip code, address or city to find your car storage unit now and reserve for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where could I find the best car storage in Anaheim?

To search for car storage facilities in Anaheim enter your city or zip code in the search bar on U.S. Self Storage. Look into a location that is close to where you live or work and for a monthly discount that the storage facility is offering.

How much does it cost to rent a car storage in Anaheim, CA?

The larger the car the more it will cost, an increase in demand in the city or zip code will also determine the price. An uncovered parking space will be less expensive than a covered or enclosed storage space. Search U.S. Self Storage to find the right type, size and price.

What are the various types of Self Storage for your car in Anaheim?

The are three types of storage spaces for your car: an enclosed drive up storage unit, a covered parking space and an uncovered parking space. Find the car storage type that best fits your need on U.S.Self Storage.

Could a 5 X 10 enclosed storage unit fit a car?

A 5 X 10 storage unit can not store a car. However, a 5 X 10 drive up storage unit will be suitable for a motorcycle, scooter, jet ski or small trailer.

What size storage space do I need to store a car in Anaheim?

A storage unit needs to be at a minimum 10 x 15 feet to store an automobile, however, a 10 X 20 would probably be a better size. Measure the width and length of your automobile prior to renting a storage unit with U.S.Self Storage for your car.

How long could I store my car in Anaheim?

You could store your car for a month or as long as you want. Prior to storing your car it is important to look into steps and tips on U.S. Self Storage; for example starting your car frequently and covering your car.

What is the length of a car?

Automobile models fluctuate in their size. However, a common car is approximately 15 feet in length. Smaller more economical cars are closer to 10 feet in length. Find the storage that fits your car's length with U.S. Self Storage.