5 Hot Online Marketing Trends for Your Self Storage Business

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5 Hot Online Marketing Trends for Your Self Storage Business

Online marketing offers more speed and efficiency than traditional marketing. Spending enough time to monitor what is happening in the world of internet marketing can help your self storage business to earn more revenue and grow. Almost everyday, there is a new trend in the world of online marketing. Websites like Mashable and feedly with new information on online marketing trends. To help you undertake these endeavors, here are a few tips to consider when planning marketing initiatives that employ elements of social media or online marketing:

  • Make content across multiple platforms – According to Startup Nation there are more than 10, 000 tweets made per second and 86% of mobile Internet users use their devises watching television. This means that we live in a world where customers can access information about your self storage business across a multitude of screens. Therefore, it is wise to present content in the most popular forms that they consume it.

  • Target the Hispanic market – As the fastest growing section of the American population, Hispanics have a considerable amount of consumer influence and buying power. They currently represent 25% of new birth so they are expected to have an impact on the future of many businesses. New research also suggests that Hispanics spend more time online than non-Hispanics. Therefore, when targeting online marketing campaigns, be sure to take a special note of this audience.

  • Focus on design – With the popularity of sites like Pinterest, it is clear that we are living in a highly visual world and design matters. Great content with a poor design will not attract customers to your website or encourage them to business. The most highly visited websites in the world are creative and visually appealing. If you cannot afford to manage and maintain a website for your self storage business, then it is still possible to create stimulating graphic content that can be share across multiple social media sites.

  • Don’t ignore mobile – The percentage on mobile Internet users increases every year as access to the technology becomes cheaper and more readily available. The availability of content on multiple devices goes hand-in-hand with mobile marketing. Don’t just limit yourself to having a mobile or responsive design website. You can also place ads in smartphone apps or even do a survey to find out which devices your customers use the most and then use this information to create marketing messages.

  • Pay attention to search and social PR ­– Organic web search has been using social media for a long time. The collaboration of both social media profiles with search engines is what led to the introduction of services like Google+ and the Google Knowledge Graph. Google has even updated its search algorithms in order to make it clear to online marketers that the quality of the content is perhaps more important than the quantity. Content of a high caliber and targeted social media marketing is the perfect combination is ideal.

These tools and techniques will continue to increase given the affordability of online marketing. Running campaigns across multiple sites can make it difficult to assess the success of one platform versus another. You will find that tracking where you place your content will provide the best measure of success.

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