Creating Your Own Self Storage Website For Free

Creating Your Own Self Storage Website For Free.

In a world of new and developing technologies, a website is a vital part of any business. It is an easy and convenient way to communicate information about new and existing product offerings, display contact information, and reach new customers. Your self storage business can greatly benefit from incorporating a website into your other marketing initiatives. Websites do not have to be expensive to create and/or maintain. In fact, there are several free options available which will help to you to get started on building your own professional website.

There are many websites that will offer a free trial or free basic features. While it might not be possible to build an entire website with numerous pages completely free, you should be able to set up a few basic pages which you can fill with relevant information about your self storage site. Below is a review of the top sites:

  • – The free basic version of this site offers up to 5 pages and 5GB/month of bandwidth. Pro and Pro+ versions are available which give 15 and unlimited pages respectively. The site has an easy ‘drag and drop’ format and it includes hosting, a web address and design tools. No programming skills are required.

  • – One of the most interesting features about this site is that it gives you unlimited disk space for free. You will start with 400MB of disk space and the longer you use the service, the more disk space you will receive. For the free basic service, you will get access to 250 default templates to create your self, storage website, data backup, and a free domain name.

  • – This site offers the option of building a mobile site (with advertisements) for free, in addition to a regular website. In the free version, you get 100 MB of bandwidth, 40MB web storage, and up to 30 minutes of video storage which means you can upload videos showcasing your self storage facility.

  • – In addition to free website hosting, this website also gives you the option of creating a blog. You can blog about your rent promotions and other relevant information and use this platform to connect with new and existing customers. It offers over 100 free professional themes and free domain hosting.

  • - This site is perfect for beginners. There is no knowledge of coding required. Full website hosting and domain name registration are included in the free version. You can add photo albums (500 photos max), chose a blog design, layout the page as you wish, and even chose a color theme. Of course, there are paid plans available with more features. However, for a basic website, the free version will be sufficient for building your self storage website.

One site which stands out in particular is Google Sites. All you need to get started is a free Google account. Unlike most sites which leave the best features for the paid versions, there are numerous great features offered by Google Sites for building a free self storage website. Google Site offers 10 GB of storage and you can easily manage sharing settings across your business and publish Google Sites within your company. Google Sites offers the exceptional quality which the Google brand is known for. In addition to the above mentioned features, there is also a single-click page click creation feature, pre-built templates and settings for access and sharing information. There is a Premier version which offers additional storage options. However, for a simple basic website for sharing pictures, videos and the location and information about your self storage business, the free version will more than suffice.

Regardless of the service you choose, the quickest and easiest way of getting a website up and running is to choose a template and customize it with all your facility’s information. Your facility’s name, location, description, pictures, unit sizes/prizes, amenities, and hours of operation are essential elements which you should include on your page. Including links to your various social networking business profiles is also a good idea, if you have any.

Remember that websites do not always have to be expensive. You can even find free options to host your site. Just keep in mind that your domain name will more than likely include the name of the site which is offering the free service e.g. “”. If you would rather have a domain name which features only the name of your self storage site, then a paid option might be a suitable alternative. Whichever option you choose, ensure that you your site is simple and easy to understand. People should be able to easily find the information about where your storage facility is located and information on your rates and discounts.