How To Start Your Own Self Storage Email Marketing Campaign.

How To Start Your Own Self Storage Email Marketing Campaign.

Email marketing campaigns are an easy and cost-effective way of distributing information about your self storage business. Designing a campaign of this type requires little effort and can reap great rewards in terms of exposure and consumer awareness for your business. There are several free and paid options available for marketing your self storage business in this fashion. In order to start, take note of the following:

  • Find an online email marketing service – There are many good online email marketing services available to choose from, like,, or, etc. Most likely you’ll have to pay a small nominal fee, but by doing so you’ll have access to easy to use email marketing tools that include email templates, email list managing tools, analytics, and more. Many of them offer a free trial that you can use to determine if it is the right fit for you.

  • Create an email list – In order to send your messages, you must have a list of emails to send to. You can purchase an email list from an Internet source or use an email list compiled by yourself. Whichever the case may be, ensure that your list targets people, businesses, and organizations in your city or market area. If you have a website, it’s a good idea to place a form in your home page requesting people for their email address to receive special discounts over email.

  • Email content – Have sufficient text and a suitable message about your facility and special offers in your email. Choose a simple email template that will look professional or appropriate for the occasion. Use a couple of pictures but do not simply fill your email with them. Having too many pictures and little text could be considered as spam. Using too many words like “cheap”, “discount”, “act now”, etc... can get your email labeled as spam as well. Keep in mind that there are programs that will filter your emails for spam content. Always make sure you include your phone number, email address, and the name of a contact person in a noticeable section of the email to make it easier for customers to contact your facility.

  • Choose a short but catchy subject message – The subject line could be the most important part of your email—if it’s not interesting or catchy enough, readers possibly will not bother to open your email. Choose your subject message carefully. It should clearly and concisely summarize the content of your email; think of it as a news headline. It is also helpful to use labels on your email subject lines. For example, if the email is about a new seasonal discount, you could have [Summer Sale] at the beginning of your subject line. Remember to stay away from using more than one exclamation point, writing in all CAPS, and using too many spam words to avoid being labeled as unwanted junk mail. Many reputable email services provide spam checking tools as part of their service, so make sure you test your subject line before sending your email.

  • Opt-out option – Ensure that you give your recipients the option to opt out of your email list. Not everyone will be receptive of your email marketing efforts, especially if they feel they are being forced into it. As much as you will want to spread the word about your self storage facility, there are people who may not be willing to receive your emails. Most email marketing services will give you the option to add an opt-out link in your email templates, make sure you use this feature and that you remove any emails of people that have unsubscribe from the list before sending another email.

  • Follow up on leads – Make sure you follow up on every lead and that you ask how they heard about your facility. It’s important to know if your email marketing efforts are being effective or not so that you evaluate how much resources you will devote to it. You can choose to include a discount code on your email, this might help keep track of which sales were a result of your email marketing campaigns.

  • Be persistent, but do not spam – It might take more than one email to get a response, so keep at it and remember that marketing of this sort could take some time to see the results. Do not flood your potential consumers’ inboxes everyday. In general you should not send more than one email a week, sending more could result in people loosing interest and even labeling them as spam. Some people may unsubscribe or opt out of your email list.

There are many options available and it is up to you as the self storage business owner to choose one which you feel will work for you. Keep in mind that you can send your newsletter, link to your blog and website, and other pertinent information in your email marketing campaign. The key to success in this arena is not to overload your potential and existing customers with too much information. Consider doing an email marketing campaign when you have a special message to send out such as the launch of a new type of self storage initiative or a seasonal promotion.