Starting Your Own Self Storage Blog To Promote Your Business

Starting Your Own Self Storage Blog To Promote Your Business.

Blogging is an essential part of online marketing. It provides a platform where you can speak to your potential audience in an informal and conversational manner. As a self storage business owner, you can start your own blog to educate potential customers about the benefits of choosing your facility versus the competition. Before getting started, you should take note of the essential elements that make a good blog:

  • Content - This is perhaps the most crucial element. The content you create is what drives visitors to your blog. Ensure that it is not only relevant to your business, but is also engaging to those who read it. Practice makes perfect so the more content you create, the better you will become at it. You can start out by providing general information about your facility. Then, you can add topics relating to self storage, introduce your employees, and post any information about your facility which you deem relevant.

  • Design – Simplicity is key. Do not distract readers from the most important part of your blog – the content. Keep your design uncomplicated to ensure that what you write will be easy to read. Avoid making your page too busy or colorful.

  • Hosting – You can decide whether you want to host your blog yourself or use a free blogging service. If you do not have a website for your self storage business, sites such as Blogger, Wordpress, Weebly, Tumblr, and LiveJournal provide free hosting services. However, your domain name will include the name of the free service you choose e.g. The free services often have blog templates, which will help you choose a design. Some of these free services, such as Wordpress, offer paid options where you can get more features. The advantages of using free hosting sites include the simplicity it offers (you do not have to know HTML), the design is already laid out, and it saves money. However, there is limited customer support and very low bandwidth with free services. Paid services offer additional features such as more design themes, assistance from customer support, the ability to add advertisements to your blog to make money, and of course, a personalized domain name. There is still some work involved with paid hosting services, e.g. WordPress’s visual editor requires some understanding of HTML. TearPad, iPage, JustHost, and BlueHost are all paid services which you can explore if you choose to go this route.

  • Interaction – Consider allowing comments on your blog to interact with your readers. This way, you can get an idea of which topics work and the ones that do not. This also provides an opportunity for customers to ask questions if they need clarification on what you post. You can link your social media account to your blog so that when persons comment, it will also display in their respective social media profiles. This increases the visibility of your blog. For example, if you integrate Facebook with your blog, when persons are logged into their Facebook accounts and comment on a post it will be displayed as a story on their wall. You can include links to other social networking sites which will allow your readers to share your post across those platforms as well.

  • If your blog has the key elements listed above, then you should be able to build a substantial following of people who will read it on a regular basis. A blog is simple enough to start and manage. You can ask your employees for help in creating content. For even more variety, update your blog with videos and make a short post describing the content of the video. You can also post pictures e.g. of promotional events, your facility, and employees.

    Feel free to go in whichever direction you are most comfortable with, which will help you get your point across to self storage customers. Some people prefer a more casual style of writing while others may want to keep it strictly professional. You will just need to find your niche. Just remember that you aim is to promote your self storage facility. Therefore, the majority of the information you post should be pertinent to your business.

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