A How-to Guide For Promoting Your Self Storage Facility With LinkedIn.

A How-to Guide For Promoting Your Self Storage Facility With LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, which surfaced nearly a decade ago, distinguishes itself in the social media arena by mainly targeting businesses and professional associations. Your self storage business will benefit from properly utilizing LinkedIn’s networking features which can help you get more business as well as connect with industry professionals. Our social media experts here at USSelfStorageLocator.com have prepared a short LinkedIn guide to help you get started on broadening your self storage facility’s online network and presence.

Basics of LinkedIn

To get started with LinkedIn you must first create a personal account. A Basic personal account is free and will let you create a personal profile for you, as well as a business profile for your self storage facility. However, LinkedIn offers various levels of paid memberships that give you access to extra features.

Once you create a personal account, fill it out with as much relevant information as possible. Your main focus should be informing potential self storage customers about your business. You can adjust your account settings by using the option in the upper right hand corner. For example, an important setting you can set up is whether or not you want others to see that you have viewed their profile. Enabling this setting will allow you to see who has visited your profile as well. This is very useful, as you could contact and research your profile viewers, and potentially generate leads. You can also use the account settings section to edit your profile details and manage your email notification preferences.

After completing your personal profile you will have to create a company page. Create it by visiting the Companies section and selecting ‘add a company’. You will need to fill in your company name and email address. You must prove that you are a current employee of the company by using your company email. Once you have done this, you will receive an email when your page is ready for editing. You can set up your company page so that other employees with a LinkedIn account can edit it.

Once you have set up both your personal profile and your company page, you can then start connecting with people. Remember that LinkedIn is used mostly by professionals so it is not encouraged that you add random people, which is a common practice on other social media networks. Before you can send an invitation to connect, you must first explain how you know the person. You will be presented with options such as colleague, classmate, friend, other etc. If you chose ‘other’, you will have to enter the person’s email address to send an invitation. A good way to get started is to search for people in the self storage industry such as vendors and self storage association officials. By doing so, you are aligning yourself and your business to those who could provide you with important industry information.

Business-to-business Interaction

In LinkedIn you can follow companies that have established a profile page. With this feature, you can follow local businesses and companies in your community and stay informed every time they update information on the site. Connecting with them may bring you more business leads, as many businesses need self storage services as well. You can also follow self storage companies similar to your own to get an idea of what they may be doing. Keeping up with your competition is an important part of potentially exceeding them.

Business-to-customer Interaction

The creation of a business page allows you to target potential self storage customers. This is a good way to increase the visibility of your self storage company. In your company page, you can list an overview of your facility details, current special offers, as well as any employment opportunities you might have. Ensure that you include as much quality information as you can – address, telephone, person of contact. You can include a picture of your facility or logo under the products and services section.

There is an Analytics feature that shows you how many people have viewed your page and the section with the most frequent visits. If you decide to execute a marketing/advertising promotion, this page is helpful for the evaluation of its success. For example, if four weeks into your promotion the number of visits to the promotional section has not increased at a satisfactory rate, then you can choose to improve upon what you are doing.

Lead Generation

As a self storage business owner, the primary purpose behind your use of LinkedIn will be to generate leads and create as much new business as possible. LinkedIn offers many features, but here’s a list of the features which could benefit your self storage business the most:

  • LinkedIn Answers – In this section, people ask questions about various topics to get advice. A quick search will show you the questions that people are asking concerning self storage. By providing helpful responses on a regular basis, you are likely to find potential customers.

  • LinkedIn Applications – You can add a link to your self storage blog, your Twitter account, Facebook account etc. This gives customers more access to your business by enabling them to connect with you on a variety of platforms. In order to connect your LinkedIn account to Facebook, you will have to allow access and permission from your Facebook account. You can visit the ‘My LinkedIn Profile’ page on Facebook and add the application to your Facebook profile.

  • LinkedIn Groups – You can join industry-related groups to connect with people in your field. However, you should join groups outside of your industry to connect with an even wider range of people. Try finding groups of businesses in your city or state.

  • LinkedIn People – Search for personal profiles using the box located in the upper right hand corner. When you find people you wish to connect with, you can ask your friends (if possible) for an introduction via LinkedIn. You can also search for people in specific companies to tailor your marketing efforts more precisely.

  • LinkedIn Direct Ads – This works in a similar way to the paid search results on Google. You create your advertisement and then bid on how much you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad. For example, if you pay $1 per click and it takes 25 clicks to convert a potential self storage customer, you would have spent $25 for one customer. If that customer rents a unit for 6 months at $60 per month, then a $25 investment which yields $360 would have been a smart choice.

  • LinkedIn Mobile – This is best utilized at trade shows or other industry events for making one-to-one contact. If you meet someone you want to connect with, you can transfer contact information via Bluetooth easily. This is a great way to follow up on a lead – no typing, no misspelled contact information.

Connecting Other Social Media Accounts

As mentioned earlier, you can choose to connect your Facebook account to LinkedIn. You can do the same for Twitter by using the “add application” feature. Your tweets will display in real-time on your LinkedIn account. This serves to add further visibility for your self storage business. You can also add polls, WordPress, Google Presentation, Huddle Workspaces, to name a few.

Marketing via LinkedIn

By now, you will have understood the basics of creating and maintaining your personal profile and company page on LinkedIn. By keeping this page constantly updated with useful and accurate information about your business, and connecting with people, businesses and organizations, you are potentially driving new business to your self storage facility.

You should also encourage your employees (managers at least) to create a LinkedIn profile and make sure they appear as employees of your company in LinkedIn. While you may only have one business page, every employee is free to create his or her own personal profile. This increases the number of mentions of your self storage business on the site. You can have your employees include the details of the business and location in their profiles. You may also designate people to search for self storage related questions on LinkedIn, answer them, and reach out to the person who is asking.

LinkedIn continues to expand its features and add useful new tools on a regular basis. These new tools enhance the site’s capabilities and adds to your ability to market your self-storage facility effectively. By using LinkedIn, you will be able to create engaging promotional campaigns and capitalize on the leads you generate.

Our USSelfStorageLocator.com team is always working in informing you of the latest and most effective ways you can market your self storage facility. Feel free to contact us anytime at 888-222-0225 for more self storage online marketing information or to sign up to our online self storage directory.