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More Storage Facilities are Hosting Holiday Events

More Storage Facilities are Hosting Holiday Events

As a storage facility, hosting a holiday party may seem strange. It's really a great idea, though, for a lot of reasons. Storage facilities are unique venues for parties, and they make excellent locations to bring people together and help them enjoy the holiday season. That doesn't mean you won't have some holiday planning stress, though. To help avoid that stress and have a great holiday party, planning is the key. Focus on what other storage facilities already know to be most important, which is determining what kind of party you want to offer.

Kids, Adults, or Both?

Depending on the size of your facility and the family makeup of most people who rent from you, you'll want to choose whether you're holding a kid-friendly event or a cocktail-style party that's only for adults. While you can't please everyone, it's important to try to offer the majority of your storage renters something that will work for them. If you see a lot of families renting your storage units and notice their children around when they come to store or retrieve something, you might not want to have a party that excludes children. It could backfire, and make your renters think that you aren't interested in helping them celebrate an important time of year with their families.

Keep in mind, though, that it's not just your current storage unit renters that you want to attract to the party. You want other people in the community to come out and see what you have to offer, they might decide to rent from you, too. Even if they don't need a storage unit right now, they may need one in the future, and you want them to think of you. If they had a great time at the holiday party at your storage facility, they're more likely to use your services if they ever need to store something. They may also recommend your facility to other people who need storage space, which will help your business grow.

Where & When?

Just like who's invited matters, when and where the party will be held is also very important. Sure, it's going to be held at the storage facility, but how much of that facility is going to be open for the party? There are several options depending on weather, time of day, available space, and other factors. You can keep the party confined to the office if it's big enough. You can also use outdoor areas, provided the weather is nice. Putting up tents or other structures can help you get more from your outdoor areas, as well. If you have some empty storage units that are large enough to accommodate your guests, you can also have a holiday party in those units.

That can be a great way to show how nice the storage units are, and also provide for easy clean-up when the party is over. That's especially important if the party runs late and you don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning up, or if the party is during lunch hours and you need to get back to work when it's over. Deciding when to have your storage facility's holiday party is vital to getting plenty of people to come to it. For something more kid-friendly, during the day or early evening is usually the best choice. An adult-only cocktail party can be later in the evening and run well into the night, if you choose.

The Budget Matters

Even if you have a large storage facility that's very successful, you should still set and stick to a budget. There are several budget areas where costs can really add up, so you'll want to have a good idea of how much things will cost before you get started spending. The food and drinks are going to be the biggest expenses, but definitely not the only ones. You can also expect to hire some help for the event, buy decorations, pay someone to clean up, publicize your get-together, and even donate to or otherwise pay co-sponsors to come get involved. Some other local businesses may get involved for free, but that's not always going to be the case. Knowing what to expect beforehand can really help you stay within your budget.

As more storage facilities move toward hosting holiday events, budgets may get bigger. You don't need to "out do" any other storage facilities in your area, or any that you've heard or read about. You just need to set a reasonable budget for what you can do and then provide anyone who comes to your storage facility with a great time at the party. It doesn't have to be a huge, expensive event to be good for your facility and bring in more customers. As long as you plan carefully and engage with your renters and potential renters while they're at the party, you can have a successful event.