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Time Spent Viewing Facebook Post Affects Algorithm

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Time Spent Viewing Facebook Post Affects Algorithm

Yet another hurdle has been added to long list of those that marketers on Facebook have to jump over in order to reach their audience on Facebook. The social media giant is now considering the length of time spent looking at posts when determining which posts to show in a user’s newsfeed. Its already complicated algorithm now has another layer, which seems like a more concentrated effort to push Page owners to promoting posts and other forms of paid Facebook advertising.

Facebook attributes this recent change as part of an effort to show more content that users find relevant and useful. In a recent blog post issued by the company, a representative stated that Facebook is looking at the time taken to read a post when determining the types of posts that it will show most often.

According to the blog post: “You may scroll quickly through your News Feed and like a photo of your friend’s graduation, followed by sharing a funny post from your sister. You keep scrolling and happen upon a post your cousin shared detailing everything she did and saw on her recent trip. Her post even includes a photo. You spend time reading her post and the interesting discussion about the best places to eat that had broken out in the comments on this post, but you don’t feel inclined to like or comment on it yourself. Based on the fact that you didn’t scroll straight past this post and it was on the screen for more time than other posts that were in your News Feed, we infer that it was something you found interesting and we may start to surface more posts like that higher up in your News Feed in the future.”

What does this mean for your self storage facility’s Facebook page? Well, for starters, while Facebook claims that Pages should not see any significant changes with this update, it mat still meant that Page managers will have to pay a keener eye more than ever to the type of content that you posts and consider its relevance to your audience. You may also want to consider targeting your audience to ensure that relevant content makes it way to the followers who could use that information the most.

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