Perch Can Help You Keep up with Your Self Storage Competition

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Perch Can Help You Keep up with Your Self Storage Competition

Knowing your competition is an essential part of succeeding in any business and one app is trying to make it as easy as possible. Perch allows small business owners to stay up to speed with competitors by consolidating the latest Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Plus, Instagram, Foursquare, Groupon, and Living Social updates. If you want to know what your fellow self storage competitors are up to without having to track each one of them individually, then Perch is the perfect solution.

Keep abreast of the competition can help you to plan more effective marketing campaigns and also determine which areas you should be looking for consumers. Perch not only keeps tracks of your competition, it also alerts you of changes to your business’ online reputation as well. If someone posts a new review about your self storage facility on Yelp or Google, then you will be notified right away so that you can respond accordingly.

In order to make the most of Perch, you can create a Watchlist of nearby self storage facilities that you want to monitor. This will allow you to quickly be alerted of businesses that are making a stir in social media and are gaining positive reviews from customers. So far, the app as been featured in Forbes, O’Reilly Radar, Mashable, and AdvertisingAge and has garnered positive reviews. It also received the Appy award for Best Business in 2013.

Powered by Closely, the company has raised over $3 million to continue its growth and development. The competitive research that Perch can provide for your self storage facility is invaluable and the company seems poised to grow even further and expand into more markets.

“Our basic proposition is you don’t have to go looking for data anymore—it will come to you,” said Perry Evans, Founder and CEO of Denver-based Closely. “Instead having to log in to Facebook and Twitter and Yelp and all of these tools everyday to see if you should be responding to something, we take all of that content and basically aggregate it into one application.”

Perch bases the service it recommends on the data it aggregates, which helps to ensure that its users are not overwhelmed with irrelevant suggestions. “There are literally hundreds of marketing service providers who are trying to vie for the attention of small businesses, and they’re doing it so incredibly inefficiently,” said Evans.

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