Facebooks Newest Algorithm Changes

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Facebooks Newest Algorithm Changes

If your head has been spinning trying to keep up with all of Facebook’s changes then you’re not alone. The social networking site has made dramatic changes, which are meant to capitalize on as much ad revenue as possible. Since changing from EdgeRank nearly two years ago, it has undergone several changes to its algorithm and the latest one will hit marketers like no other before. Facebook has tweaked its algorithm yet again to “balance content from friends and Pages.”

According to a news release issued by Facebook, brand Pages may see a decline in both reach and referral traffic. So, if there has been a sudden drop in the reach of your self storage facility’s Facebook Page, you can take some comfort in knowing that it is currently happening to other online marketers as well.

The reason behind these recent set of changes is based on the feedback of Facebook users. Facebook has reported that its users indicated that they don’t want to see information about when friends comment on or like a post. The reduction of these types of news stories means that if someone comments on a post from your self storage facility, their friends will be less likely to see that activity, which in turn decreases the exposure of your Page.

Facebook users also don’t want to miss important updates from friends and would like to see more content whenever they run out. Based on this, Facebook will be relaxing its rule of limiting the same content from multiple sources and also ensuring that updates from friends are shown more prominently in a user’s newsfeed.

This push to highlight more user content further solidifies that the days of “free” marketing on Facebook are just about over. There is simply no getting around paying to promote posts, especially if it is an important update that you would like to reach the majority of the people who like your self storage facility’s Facebook Page.

For online marketers, a healthy mix of both paid and free promotion will help to maximize reach overall. These changes could signal that other popular social networking sites such as Tumblr and Twitter will soon be looking for a way to squeeze more money from brands who are trying to reach customers on these platforms. Currently, Twitter offers advertisers the ability to promote tweets. However, if a brand were to make a hashtag viral, Twitter’s current revenue model doesn’t allow for them to make any money, which basically translate to free publicity for the company.

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