How Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update Will Affect Your Self Storage Website

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How Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update Will Affect Your Self Storage Website

It’s that time of year again to make sure your self storage website is playing nice with the all powerful Google. The Internet giant has some updates to its algorithm coming soon that will not only change the way users find information, but the way businesses communicate information about products and services as well. The update, which will take effect on April 21, is centered about getting websites to be more mobile-friendly.

So far, the tech industry has just been speculating about the specifics of the update but Google’s recent actions suggest that it will start penalizing websites that don’t have a mobile-friendly version. Changes made to apps like Google Play and the introduction of development guidelines that seem to be specifically aimed at mobile are rumored to be in preparation for the April 21 announcement.

Google’s new mobile web crawler will be adept at crawling single-page web apps and even links located deep in iOS apps. The best way to prepare for the change is to ensure that your self storage website is mobile friendly. But does a mobile-friendly website mean? It’s simply not enough that your self storage website can be accessed on a mobile device since that is the case for nearly every website. A mobile-friendly website is one that has a separate mobile version, which makes for a better user experience. Most mobile devices will automatically present the mobile version of the site to a user, unless specifically directed to do otherwise.

However, mobile sites are slowing starting to be replaced in favor of those that use Responsive Design, which is a site that provides an optimal viewing experience, across a wide range of devices. For example, a website with a Responsive Design would resize, pan and scroll differently on a phone versus a tablet.

A website with a Responsive Design would be the direction to head however these often carry a high price tag. If your budget can’t currently accommodate this, then a mobile-friendly site is a the most sensible alternative. Otherwise, you will more than likely see the ranking for your website take a hit as soon as the update takes effect.

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