Social Media Spring Cleaning - 4 Must Have Strategies for Your Self Storage Facility

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Social Media Spring Cleaning - 4 Must Have Strategies for Your Self Storage Facility

Spring is here and it’s time not only to dust and clean your homes and offices, but also to dust off the old social media strategy and assess what’s working for your self storage business and what’s not. Many new social media apps have been introduced in the past six months alone so now is a great time to start reviewing which of those you could implement into your current strategy. Here are a four ways in which you can five your social media presence a bit of a facelift this spring:

Get enhanced analytics – This is perhaps the best place to start since analyzing what has been working for your self storage facility so far will help to influence how you move forward in the future. Though the native insights in Facebook and Twitter provide great analytics, tools like Simply Measured provide powerful analytics and can help to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Pay attention to graphics – Most social networking sites rank content graphic content as more engaging than text. If you can’t create graphics in-house, then consult with a graphic design to produce visually stimulating and shareable graphics, which will help to enhance your overall social media strategy.

Revise your social media strategy – As the year progresses, it’s good to check in on your social media strategy to ensure that you are keeping up with current online marketing trends for the season. Ensure that your efforts match the climate of what is trending in the world of social media and that you are using the best tools to reach your audience.

Incorporate paid advertising – Social media is constantly evolving. Only a short time ago, the idea of paying for social media ads would’ve seemed ludicrous but it has become rather commonplace. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm makes it difficult for brands to reach its users’ timelines in an organic manner. Therefore, you should consider paying to promote posts every now and again. Once you introduce paid advertising, it will help to increase engagement since Facebook will show posts from a Page more frequently once a user has previously interacted with the Page.

Social media advertising involves a lot of trial error before you can nail down a strategy that works for your business. Don’t be afraid to get rid of anything that is no longer working and try on something new every once in a while. Remember, you can’t develop an effective strategy without take a few chances.

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