Using Spredfast to Manage Social Media for your Self Storage Business

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Using Spredfast to Manage Social Media for your Self Storage Business

If someone said there is a shortage of social media management tools then that person probably lives in 1995. Almost everyday, a new social media management tool springs up and claims to be the next “revolutionary” tool that will completely change the face of social media and all who use it. The truth is, many social media management tools only vary in terms of pricing and you can always count on us to give you a full, unbiased review of the latest tools on the market. The newest tool this week is Spredfast – a single social software platform.

As a self storage business owner or marketer, scheduling and managing social media posts to promote your business can be time consuming. Spredfast promises to engage your audience at the right time by simplifying the content planning process and analyzing how your posts perform, all in one platform.

Spredfast breaks its products down into four categories:

• Conversations – This allows the user to manage real time engagement and publish content intelligently. You can learn and prove the social impact of your self storage online marketing initiatives and customize key metrics so you can report on what matters.

• Experiences – With this tool, you can capture relevant social content and allow your fans to amplify your message by putting the spotlight on them and allowing them to submit content. Those who are passionate about your self storage business can engage with you content in a seamless manners.

• Spark – You can discover topics the moment they start to trend and cultivate your content to fit with those topics. Engaging your audience with relevant and timely topics can greatly help to spread the word about your self storage facility.

• Intelligences – You’ll spend less time reporting your results and more time achieving them with this tool. It provides up to 13 months of Twitter data, which is particularly useful since Twitter only provides historical analytics for two weeks.

Spredfast has worked with major brands like CNN, GE, MTV, Sony, and Nascar. Its social platform not only manages social media, but can also redisplay UGC on any digital screen. For example, if you host an event for your self storage facility, your attendees can live tweet images and/or text, which can then be redisplayed in the venue or onscreen.

If you’re interested in Spredfast’s social media management software, you can request a demo and see how it can help your self storage facility’s digital marketing initiatives.

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