Meet Edgar - Social Media Management's Newest Tool

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Meet Edgar - Social Media Management's Newest Tool

There’s a new player in the social media management game and his name is Edgar. No, he’s not an old Englishman but nifty new tool that promises to get your updates a bit more reach. If you manage social media profiles for your self storage business, then you are all too familiar with the ever-changing algorithms that popular sites like Facebook and Twitter use to determine how prominently your posts are shown. Edgar plans to change all that, at least a little.

Edgar is changing the way social media managers think about scheduling posts. Most scheduling tools just publish an update but Edgar creates a catalogue that is built over time. Updates are sorted into categories that the user creates and then Edgar publishes them based on a schedule, which eliminates manual scheduling and guesswork. After all updates in a category are published, then additional ones are taken from a library so the user never runs out of updates.

At first glance, Edgar appears to work like every other scheduling tool. Sites like Hootsuite and SproutSocial both give users the ability to schedule posts. So what’s so special about Edgar? After all, the existence of categories does not seem like enough to herald it as particularly groundbreaking. What sets Edgar apart is that after an update is scheduled and posted, it is stored to the library where it is then reposted automatically at a future date so that an entirely new audience can see it.

Another advantage to using Edgar is that it allows you to use analytics in a more productive manner. Using the information you get from customizing your scheduling, you can share links, promote your site and interact with your audience at the times when they are most likely to be engaged


Edgar starts at cost of $49 a month and is currently only available by invitation. Invitation codes take between 3 – 5 days to generate. There are businesses, individual and agency plans that accommodate between 10 – 100 connected accounts and there is no limit to the number of categories a user can create. Edgar works with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn company and profile pages. You can find out more about the service in the FAQs here.

If you’re interested in giving Edgar a try, request an invitation and be sure to share your experience with us!

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