Work. Play. Vegas!

Work. Play. Vegas!

What a blast the staff had at the ISS World Expo last week (March 14-16th). Some might think that a self-storage convention would be a drag, but the exhibitor booth displayed the direct opposite.

Our booth was festive and energetic as interested owner/operators, managers, and various storage-types, stopped by to get a feel of what the buzz was all about.

Even Sparefeet (hey no free pub here) founder Mario Feghali positioned himself at the booth to “observe” the fellas in action. Feghali even expressed to CEO Victor Dante that he was impressed with our presentation. Hey, at least the guy made a personal visit rather than send a stooge to take notes. We’re flattered, but we know we have plenty work to do.

“Sir, I just gotta get a picture with this girl to show my wife” – said an older gentlemen with a big grin, as he positioned his wheelchair alongside our vivacious host Yvonne Grace.

“Man ya’ll got it poppin’ over here!” declared a SmartPhone marketer and exhibitor from Columbia, Missouri, as he made his way around the showroom floor.

Those were but a couple of reactions from attendees as they clamored to meet with and take pictures of our Vegas-Folly Show Girl. We were in Las Vegas, so it only made sense that we provided some Vegas-flair. Yvonne Grace, an A to Z Events Las Vegas-styled show girl, pleasantly and professionally greeted guests and handed out trinkets (eco-friendly “Go Green” bracelets and writing tablets/pads).

As you can see from the pictures Ms. Grace’s Green outfit was a draw that allowed to stand out from the crowd.

For those in attendance it was pretty hard not to notice the booth. Great response. Great product. Great Convention. Great Job. This was only the beginning.

Special thanks to A to Z Events [] owner Calanit Atia. From her stable of talent, she recommended the perfect fit for our needs. Her judgment and assessment of Ms. Grace capped an overall great show.