Yapp Makes Building a Self Storage App Easy

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Yapp Makes Building a Self Storage App Easy

Mobile applications have come a long way in just a few short years. In October 2013, Apple CEO Time Cook announced that there were more than 1 millions applications available in the App Store. This number increased from 900, 000 announced in June 2013. To date, more than 60 million applications have been downloaded on Apple’s platform alone. When we introduce Android applications, the number of applications grows even more.

The popularity of apps means that it is now easier than ever to create and launch an app of your own. In just a couple years, the cost of making a mobile application has dropped to almost $0 with the introduction of a new platform – Yapp. This app allows you to create your own mobile application within a few short minutes at absolutely no cost.

Founded in 2011 by Maria Seidman and Luke Melia, the aim of Yapp is simple – “to democratize app creation for the masses”. Yapp aims to empower any business or individual to create their own app. The Yapp app is free to use and offers the ability to create and download apps. If you’ve always wondered if your self storage business could benefit from an app, then now is the perfect time to explore this platform.

While the basic features of Yapp are free, there are other premium features such as a custom user ID, customer theme and concierge service. Yapp works similar the Apple’s Newsstand app, where you need to download the Yapp app in order to access the app you have built. Apps that users create cannot be located in Apple’s App Store or on Google Play but the Yapp app is available for download. Once the Yapp is downloaded, you can add multiple apps, similar to how a user is able to add multiple magazines and newspapers to Newsstand.

The relatively new company is in the beginning stage of introducing Yapp to businesses so there are many perks available if your self storage company wants to get in on the ground floor. You can explore Yapp if you feel a mobile application would help to increase your self storage reservations or even if you are simply just curious about adding mobile capabilities to your business.

Get started today with Yapp creating your own app on their website. Once you do so, you are able to preview how it would look on your phone. Be sure to let us know how you like Yapp and whether or not you think it can help your self storage business!

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