Using TrackMaven to Keep Up With Your Self Storage Competitors

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Using TrackMaven to Keep Up With Your Self Storage Competitors

Proficient marketing doesn’t simply encompass keeping up with the latest trends. A great multifaceted approach to developing a comprehensive marketing strategy involves keeping a close eye on competitors as well. The activities of your self storage competitors can influence market trends and affect how your reach potential customers. TrackMaven offers an easy solution for collecting data from a variety of online sources.

To get started with TrackMaven, you need a list of your self storage competitors. The service allows you to not only track social media sites, but also earned media, text ads and even email marketing campaigns. One of the really great features of this service is that it signs up for multiple email marketing lists under various email addresses in order to gather data for your business. If one of your prominent self storage competitors has a newsletter, rest assured that TrackMaven will gather all relevant data from it.

TrackMaven gives its users personal alerts, real-time benchmarking, and custom visualizations all in a universal feed. Using the services, you will be able to understand what your competitors are doing across a variety of channels. Using this information, you will be able to discover what elements of marketing are working for them in order to tweak your own efforts.

The universal feed on TrackMaven works by giving real-time updates on competitors’ activities. For example, if one of your self storage competitors was mentioned in the news or had a tweet that did particularly well, you would be able to track the results through this interface.

You can take the tracking even further by establishing custom personal alerts. Marketers use this feature to track brands they care about in order to find when competitors launch new programs that achieve significant success.

This service is not only useful for tracking social media data. It can give you information on news articles as well. With TrackMaven, you can improve your public relations efforts by discovering which journalists and publications are trending. It can help to find outlets that have the biggest impact on your industry by pulling from over 500,000 sources.

So, how much does a program like TrackMaven run its users? The company offers customized pricing to fit the varying needs of clients. You can request a pricing summary at anytime and give a list of your competitors in order to run a demo.

TrackMaven isn’t the only service that offers tracking analytics. Hubspot and SproutSocial offer similar services. Before choosing TrackMaven or any other online and social media monitoring tool, give each a try to see which best suits your need. You’ll find that many of these startups are more than willing to provide your self storage business with a custom presentation to demonstrate exactly how they can help you achieve your online marketing goals.

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