5 Little Known Apps Every Self Storage Marketer Should Be Using

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5 Little Known Apps Every Self Storage Marketer Should Be Using

By now, we’re all more than well aware of the social media networking giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are platforms that just about every single online marketer swears by. However, there are other valuable and lesser know alternatives that can have as big of an impact on your small to mid sized business. We’ve reviewed and gathered the top five apps that every self storage marketer should have on deck:

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Sulia – This new subject based social networking sites aims to connect users with content that individual users care about. Social media can be an endless stream of content from various sources and Sulia’s purpose is to filter out the excess noise. For instance, if you care about reaching people interested in self storage, then you probably don’t care about the latest celebrity gossip. Sulia sifts through top sources to bring you relevant content from reputable sources.

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Bubblews – This guest blogging platform comes with a novel idea – it shares its revenue with contributors. This is a great opportunity to not only latch on to some serious SEO opportunities for your self storage business but make a few extra dollars while doing so. Bubblews is in its early stages so its readership and revenue are both currently limited. However, if this idea catches on and it continues to grow, then getting in on the ground floor will be beneficial in the long run.

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Snapchat– Many people are quick to dismiss this as a social sharing tool primarily for teenagers. However, there is significant value for marketers as well. There are over 400 million snaps sent in a day by the app’s 26 million users. While the majority of people use it for personal use, some savvy companies have started to send snaps as well. A snap only lasts a few seconds but the increasingly low attention span of consumers doesn’t seem to require more than that to retain a marketing message. Challenge your self storage marketing team to come up with messages that will be both fun and memorable to your target audience.

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Twitter Search– Just about everyone on Twitter has used its search function at some point or another. However, a more advanced understanding of the feature can help you to use it much more efficiently. If you want to see what people are saying about your self storage competitors, you can type “to:useraccount” or “from:useraccount” (replace “useraccount” with the Twitter account name of the business). Doing social media research about your competition can help with generating new business ideas.

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Reddit – This social networking community allows users to submit various types of content in the form of text and links. The site’s users pride themselves in authenticity so overt marketing is neither welcome nor tolerated. In order to use reddit to successfully promote your self storage business, you will have to treat the interaction as building a community and not just promoting your service. Explore areas of interests (known as subreddits) and use your content marketing skills to reach out to other members.

While this list is by no means an exhaustive one, it does give a bit of insight into the social media networking sites and mobile applications that are not often used on a wide basis. Stepping outside of the regular apps and sites can help to bring your self storage content to a wider range of people.

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