Is Advertising on Pandora Right for Your Self Storage Business?

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Is Advertising on Pandora Right for Your Self Storage Business?

When it comes to advertising online and on social media, the possibilities are practically endless. From promoted tweets and Facebook posts to sponsored Instagram photos, there is no shortage of places to reach potential customers. But, what about taking it old school for a second and reverting to one of the oldest form of media – radio. Ok, we admit that’s quite a stretch since we’re talking about Pandora, is internet radio. The platform doesn’t just play a mix of all your favorite songs; it offers viable advertising solutions to fit just about any small or large business as well.

As the #2 most downloaded iPhone app of all time, Pandora sure does carry some weight in terms of being able to reach customers. But what about people who might be interest in self storage? Pandora claims that it can reach the masses as well as niche markets. The service boasts 76 millions listeners monthly and is bigger than the top 20 US Internet radio services combined. Chances are a significant portion of your potential self storage customers are using Pandora on mobile, web, tablet, in their cars or with some form of consumer electronics.

So, how do you go about getting started with advertising on Pandora? Similar to undertaking any other form of advertising, it is important to assess your needs before taking the plunge into unfamiliar territory. Advertising on the Internet can be intimidating; advertising on the Internet radio can be even more so. However, Pandora makes it easy to get the process started. Since 100% of its users are registered on the site, there is no guessing when it comes to selecting a target audience. Users have to provide their age, gender and zip code so it makes it a bit easier to segment the audience. For instance, if your self storage facility is located in St. Louis, Missouri you can use Pandora’s precision targeting to get the most of your advertising dollars and reach only people in that location.

Ads on Pandora are available in display, video and audio platforms. The standard banner size is 300x250 and audio ads range from 15 – 30 seconds. There is no standard cost for advertising since campaigns on Pandora are based on impressions and are charged on a CPM (cost per mille) basis. The cost you will pay depends on how many times your ad is delivered and to how many people.

Pandora can offer your self storage business the ability to connect with potential customers in a modern environment. With a proven ROI track record and over a decade of experience, advertising on Pandora is well worth a shot.

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