4 Ways to Collect Email Addresses from Social Media

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4 Ways to Collect Email Addresses from Social Media

While social media is steadily rising as the most popular option to connect with customers, the tried and tested email marketing platform is still producing valuable results. Many online marketers resort to buying an email marketing list with the hope of potentially reach a few interested persons from a list of thousands. However, the results from marketing usually work best when the audience is properly targeted.

A better way to find interested persons is to use a list of people who have already shown interest in your self storage brand and that comes in the form of people who like your self storage Page on Facebook. The tricky part in this is while people freely and easily share personal information on Facebook, the social media giant is not too keen on just slipping advertiser’s this valuable information for free. In order to get more bang for your social media buck, you will have to get creative. Here’s how:

Create a contest – One tried and tested methods to engaging an audience on social media is giving away something free. A gift card or free month’s rent has a minimal impact on your self storage facility’s bottom-line but it can help to put you in touch with invaluable contact information. Have users fill out a contact form before they are allowed to enter the giveaway. By doing so, you are likely to gain new fans for your Page and contact information to follow up on leads.

Host a webinar or make an instructional video – Providing a way a service that has some value can generate the same type of buzz for your self storage team that a free giveaway/prize will. If you have a particularly good self storage marketing team, you can use a service like GoToMeeting to host a webinar to share your ideas with others in the industry. Since people usually can help to increase your business contacts. With regards to customers, a video about packing a self storage unit could be some great content. However, you can ask for an email address before they are able to access the content.

Offer premium content – Several businesses have been adapting the model of a free preview to content and then access to content once an individual shares an email address. Similar to an instructional video, you can produce an eBook for relatively cheap and then use it to gain subscribers for your email list. Use your social media profiles to promote the premium content.

Use ‘fans only’ offers – You can build your Facebook Page in such a way that only fans of the page can access certain content. For instance, if you decide to do a giveaway or contest, you can have people fill out their contact information when liking the page before they can actually participate in the contest.

While anyone can buy an email list with random email addresses, it is always better to target people who have some form of interest in self storage. Targeting the people you actually want to reach with your self storage message is far more advantageous than just throwing your message out to everyone and hoping to land interested people.

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